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This is probably the last ‘investment’ I’m ever gonna make on my X-100 and it arrived in the mail today. A ThumbsUp CSEP-2 that was originally designed for the Leica X1. It fits perfectly on the X-100 and now it is way easier shooting with one hand (which I do often as I’ve to hold on tight to my little Energizer bunny, Fitzand) and I don’t have to try keep a good grip on the camera anymore.

The silver version looks pretty good on the X-100 despite the fact that it ain’t exactly the same color (as the body). I’ve read that some people find that the ThumbsUp moves a little after being installed on the X-100 … while some others swear that it is tight and secure if you screw it in real tight. After installing mine … I realised that mine does have some play too. Took a closer look and realised that perhaps it is the hotshoe on the X-100 being a little ‘wider’ … and also upon closer inspection … the hotshoe seems to move a little. This ain’t too big a problem as the play is very minimal but I thought maybe I could find some way to secure it real tight.

So I cut two little plastic strips (from a cover of an old photo album) and then carefully insert them into …

1. The gap between the camera & the hotshoe (you can see the little blue thing if you look carefully at the photo below). I couldn’t be bothered about finding a black plastic strip as it is hardly noticeable.

2. The inside (either left or right … doesn’t matter) of the hotshoe (of the X-100).

Once that is done, I just tighten the screw on the ThumbsUp and it is now super secure and tight!

Oh … the ‘best’ thing that came with the ThumbsUp today was a little gift that the seller sent me in the parcel. I didn’t notice that he did mention in eBay that there will be a gift of a ‘lucky jade(?!!) chain’. I was laughing when I saw it because it sure does remind me of what my grandma (and many old folks) hang on their handbags and such. No bloody way I’m gonna hang it on my bag or camera! 😀

To end this entry, I’ll just ‘throw in’ a photo I took with the Lensbaby Composer a few nights ago when I was dead bored. This was taken using a custom ‘star’ aperture disc and I merged parts from 3 different photos into one. Hey … I suck at Photoshop but I still can manage simple things like this ok? 😀




  1. Thumbs Up….. LIKED!

  2. love it!!! <3

  3. @Jer & smint : Yeah it is one very clever accessory. Hate the cost though.

  4. Hi ndroo,

    Nice write up! I got the same Thumbs Up too! Works very well! Can I inquire what is the brand and model of the hot-shoe cover you use for the thumbs up? Want to buy one as well! Thanks so much in advanced!

  5. @heyhey : Hot shoe cover? This one is from an old SLR. They all work the same so I guess any brand will do fine. 🙂

  6. […] The ThumbsUp that I got for my X100 is awesome but it is pricey! I told myself that there is no way I should get one for the X10 too. Came across this cheaper alternative (clone?) one called HorusBennu TG-1 (you can find it on eBay) sold by someone in Korea and since it is way more affordable than the ThumbsUp, I decided to buy a black one to see how well it works on the X10. […]

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