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It was just like yesterday that I posted a blog entry that had a photo of a little ‘badge’ that Fitzand made me last year for Father’s Day 2010. I remember the ‘badge’ said that I am #1 and he was going ‘you are #1!!!’ in public … making me wanna go hide under some table. One year later … I still think I’m #1 … yeah … #1 to collapse from the ever tiring task of entertaining him.

The card he made me this year (of course with the help of his teacher). There is also a photo frame made from ice cream sticks and a tray but I forgot to take a photo of it.

Today’s Father’s Day 2011 and as most parents (at least the ones who give a damn) know, any celebrations are all about keeping the kiddos happy … no matter if it is Father’s Day or Mother’s Day or just about any day. Hahaha! So we took Fitzand out for shopping and a Father’s Day early dinner and bought him a present. It is one of those ermm … shoes with wheels. He has been asking me for a pair of those shoes but I’ve not come across any until today. I’m too old to know what those are called … but … I got a photo of them …

He had a blast zooming around … of course we had to hold his hands and he kept telling us ‘I like this shoe!! It is nice!!!’. Yeah … I might now have aching arms holding him while he roll and swing … but the moment he can zoom off without assistance … I think I’ll need to either get myself a pair of these (what? I’m too old for these?) or train real hard to sprint after him. *tries not to think too much*

Aha! Talk about this little Energizer bunny of mine … and I remembered to post up this next photo (which some of you might have seen on my Facebook wall) …

This was taken using my crappy phone camera and luckily it was bright enough to produce an acceptable image. I was too lazy to whip out my camera and later regretted as I simply love it. Hahahaha! That’s Fitzand trying to hang on to the wall like those many other contestants there on some challenge along Orchard Rd yesterday. Of course he didn’t hang around as long as those big boys and girls. If he could hang on for hours … longer than they can … I’d have pocketed a prize of (I think) $10,000!!! That’s gonna buy me lots of cameras!!!

Since it is Father’s Day … I made the sacrifice of posing for the camera today. Stop laughing!!!

Okay … one shot was enough and so the next two are of Fitzand and his mommy ….

* shouldn’t have let him peep when I watch metal concerts on TV

This next photo was taken by Fitzand. Ermm … took me a while to decide to post it. Hahaha!

I finished a roll of black & white film on my LC-W today!!! Yeah!!! Off to the lab tomorrow but it will take a few days before I’m able to get the results back. Apart from that … I only did a few snapshots at the dinner today …

My wagyu beef udon!

Japanese black pig BBQ meat!

Japanese black pig kimchi roll!

The dinner was yummy but I sure hate it everytime I hear the words ‘black pig’. LOL! Can’t they find a nicer name for it?

Of course after a long tiring day … I was rewarded (or rather … rewarded myself) a cold bottle of beer!

Here’s wishing all the great (and not so great and even shitty) daddies in the world …




  1. HAPPY FATHERS DAY… hahahaha so late…

  2. @noreen : Thanks. It is never too late. 😉

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