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By • Jun 20th, 2011 • Category: Fun with film

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I’m back spinning with my spinning buddy (aka my little boss aka Fitzand)! I’m shy by nature (yeah really!) and hate to be in photographs … but the Spinner leaves me no choice but to rope in Fitzand most of the time when I’m using it. This roll took pretty long to finish because I’m always too lazy to lug around the clumsy Spinner but when I do … we sure have lots of fun!

Do click on these images for larger versions. There is an ad (on the left) that sometimes block part of the pop up images .. and if that happens … please just refresh the screen and it should be okay. Sorry but I’ll go figure out what the problem is soon.

A couple of shots from a zoo outing.

It was a darn sunny day at the zoo and the Spinner was big fun. Too bad I had to entertain the little one and didn’t manage to get many shots.

A couple of these were shot during our short stay at Sentosa.

This next one below somehow screwed up because my spinning buddy didn’t get into the frame. Really! I swear I wasn’t camwhoring alone and smiling like some idiot. 😀

It must be karma (or to me … good news) that it was me who got left outta the frame in this next one below …

Okay … down to the last frame (below). Why is it like this? Some of you who saw my Facebook status some time ago might remember me going ‘arrrgh!!!’ one day. One fine day, Fitzand told me that he played with my camera. He pointed at the Spinner that I carelessly placed on the dining table. He then added ‘I just pull pull it. I try only.’. Pull? Try? Oh well … I was a little worried because I didn’t know how many times he pulled the cord and worse is I’ve forgotten how many I actually shot. I forgot all about it until I got the roll from the lab today. Luckily it was only one (looooong) frame.

Every time I finish scanning a roll from the Spinner, I’ll tell myself that I should load another roll into it. Next time of course I’ll keep the Spinner away from Fitzand unless I’m out with him. 😉


  1. oi…wifey see the peekture so tak gremour sure slap you..(the one where she was holding the umbrella)…:P

  2. @nelly : Ahahahaha! She was folding the brolly. I didn’t know she was there! 😛

  3. I spotted your wifey with the brolly too! Funny! Btw, great smiles! 😀 especially the last one without fitzand! Wahahahaaaaa!!!

  4. @cyanwater : Great smiles???!!! Well that was before knowing how much I have to pay you for the Sardinas. The smiles has since faded. 🙁

  5. hahhhahahaha u look awesome in that portrait… LOL

  6. @noreen : You!!!! I’m gonna kick your butt!!!

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