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The much anticipated pretty new toy cameras from Lomography arrived at ThirtySix! The La Sardinas! I couldn’t decide on which one to buy and after some very (tough) consideration … I went for all four. 🙁 Why is it that difficult to decide? Well … unlike cameras like the Blackbird, Fly which is a matter of choosing the color … the La Sardina has more to offer (in terms of the design). See below for some snapshots of the differences and try pick one that you like. 😉

The El Capitan! My favourite color … red!

The Marathon. This one doesn’t come with a flash.

The Sea Pride … also doesn’t come with a flash.

The Fischers Fritze (darn hard to spell!) … like the El Capitan … comes with the Fritz the Blitz flash. Fritz the Blitz … why do I find it so hard to spell and pronounce it? 😀

Okay … instead of some pretty product photos (which you can find tons on Lomography’s website) … I put side-by-side some close-ups of the different sides … in case some of you might wanna take a look before deciding on one … or two … or all the four. 😀

The back!

Even the sides are different!

Yeah … they even come with lens caps of different designs! Sorry for the dust on the El Capitan cap. I was just too lazy to clean it before taking photo. 😛

See what I mean? Well … if you just want a camera that takes photos … then you won’t have a hard time deciding. However if you love staring at cameras like I do … then maybe you can choose the right combo … of the cap, the front, the back, the side and the color and then make a dash to ThirtySix tonight or tomorrow. Shhh … I saw a whole crate of these beauties there today!

Those 2 models that has flash … comes with some colored filters as well. You can also adjust the distance on the flash to control the power. Read more about it in their microsite (link at bottom of this entry).

The 4 gentlemen are now sitting in my cabinet … and one lucky fella will get to follow me on a trip to Kuala Lumpur this coming weekend. Hope I’ll get to burn a roll or two to test out this fishy cammie.

It is late at night now and I’m sure wifey’s gonna go ‘What???!!!’ when she notice something different in the cabinet tomorrow. Hmm … maybe I should cover them with newspaper.

For more information on the La Sardina (which I’m sure many of you already read) … check out La Sardina’s microsite here.


  1. WHAT??! hahahahahaha. ^^

  2. @evaeva : What what? I thought you encouraged me to take the whole set too? X( Now you make me sound crazy ah?!! LOL!

  3. I always have my cameras delivered to my office (that way my lovely wife doesn’t always know how many I get) I should probably seek therapy…
    My El Capitan should arrive tomorrow 🙂

  4. Well, deciding wasn’t that difficult after all when you decide to get them all. ;D

  5. Congratulations! I try not to look for a long time…..

  6. You made the right decision getting all four!!
    I’m so jealous. Will wait to see your picture results before deciding which one to get my hot little hands on, although I really like the El Capitan….

  7. red is my favourite color too

  8. @Jeffrey : I do get my toys sent to the office too. 😀 The problem is for these colorful ones, they look pretty obvious when I put them on the shelves in my study room. Hahaha! Oh so you got the Capitan too! Have fun!

    @cyanwater : Yeah! Yeah! All thanks to you. Your present is with me now. I’ll drop it at the lab during lunch.

    @Ta : Now that you’ve seen ’em … please get all the 4. Ok? They will look great in that collection of toy digitals too!

    @Jenni : Ermm … don’t give me pressure. Hahaha! There are tons of awesome photos in the Lomography microsite. 😀 I ain’t sure if I can squeeze a decent roll outta these Sardinas. I guess the El Capitan is one of the big favourite eh?

    @ichi : Yeah! Red hot is hot!

  9. Chey! Who dunno that you will buy all 4! Could have saved yourself a lot of brain juice pretending to consider. LOL

  10. @witchy : Which one are you going for then? 😉 Let’s go for some booze again after I come back from KL ok?

  11. ermmmm… resist…. act as if i nvr see this blog…..

  12. @noreen : You will see them when you go to your darling’s shop!!! >:D

  13. wooooo

  14. @ymmij : Luckily you were not in when I dropped by your shop. Else we might have drank away a Sardina!!!

  15. I want the Marathon one…..

  16. @Ta : … and … which other ones?

  17. Stop it Andrew….

    Have to wait until I go to the shop. Just found out where to get one(s) in Bangkok.
    I’ll be in Bangkok next week for 3 weeks!

  18. @Ta : Oh … why waste the trip then? Get all the FOUR!!! 😀 and make sure gulp down all the tomyum you can find. Man … I miss the tomyum!

  19. How much does this one poison cost?

    Quick bring it out for a walk and show us its outcome, thirtysix will be happy for your free advert for spreading the poison.

  20. I’ll eat and shoot some tom yum for you.
    …I had a good look al all 4….if I want to get the whole set it’ll be just for keep sake…
    I expect the value of the whole set will increase…in time…but I am no good at selling.
    But the Marathon..I really like the look of it and I want to be using it.
    So…my final answer 🙂

    You’re OK you have Fitzand to offload all your junks, I don’t Hahaha

  21. @Beam : S$85 for the non flash and S$148 for the flash ones. ThirtySix owe me big beer!

    @Ta : Yeah. I’ll be using one of it only too. Lol. Perhaps the Fischers Fritze if I need to use the flash. You can offload them to Fitzand too. I’ll send you his address. Lol.

  22. Andrew….Hahaha…I like that 😉

  23. @Ta : Fitzand says a big ‘thank you!’ 😛

  24. Hey there! I work for Lomography and saw your post- the photos you took are beautiful.

    I am wondering which camera you used to take these pictures?

    Also, I love your blog: great stuff!

  25. @Jessie : Thank you. I took these using my Pentax K5 + 43mm f1.9 lens. Thanks for droppin by. 🙂

  26. Wah!!!!!!!!! Hah. I hear your wallet crying, but for such a huge camera enthusiast, I understand why lol.

    -twiddle thumbs- they look tempting!

  27. @Rachel : Quick go grab em!!! 😉

  28. I want them too!!!!! They are really very charming. How are you?

  29. @Annette : I’m sure you do. 😉 I’m doing fine. What about you? It’s been quite a while. How’s life?

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