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Sitting at home recovering from a pretty tiring (and stressful) short trip to Kuala Lumpur to visit my brother’s new addition to the family … his 2 months old little boy, Zayden. What almost killed me wasn’t the many hours of drive from Singapore … but the mental stress I had to go through during the drive. I picked up my parents from Batu Pahat (Johor) and they were yakking, nagging etc all the way … in the car. OMG. I couldn’t really drive peacefully and there were times I almost whipped out my iPod and shove the earbuds into my ears. LOL.

Meet my new nephew … Zayden Kua

Anyway I made it to KL in one piece and we spent 2 nights there … with Fitzand having a (big) blast playing with his cousin sister, Zaydeen … myself having a good time gulping beer with my brother (while babysitting!) … and met up with some old friends for beer & dinner.

I would have extended my stay there for another day if not for my parents’ constant nagging … wanting to go back to their home. Zzzzzz.

I do not dare imagine another trip like this for at least another year or so. *sweat* My brother & I got nagged each time we bring the folks to some restaurant for some better meals. They were always complaining that we’re spending too much money and why not just eat some hawker food. Argh! Even when we were happily enjoying in a German restaurant … our dad was asking if there is rice served. Rice???!! Oh man … I know it is so bad to be bitching about it but I guess I need to let it all out. Hahahaha!

Enough of the rant. Here are some snapshots of the kiddos having big fun in an inflatable pool at my brother’s house. I burned lots of frames in a roll loaded in my La Sardina on the kiddos but not sure if any will turn out fine. Will run to the lab during lunch later.

It wasn’t easy trying to get decent shots as I had to go pretty close and risked getting my camera drowned. The kiddos will start splashing and shooting water at me when I am near. *sweat*

Fitzand was complaining that the pool was a bit too small. Hahahaha! He wanted a real swimming pool! Maybe I should get my brother to work super hard and buy a big bungalow with a pool … ready for our next trip there.

We took turns to be the ‘sacrifice’ … entertaining the kiddos in the pool. It ain’t an easy task when you have two of them (kiddos) in there … ever ready to break the daddys’ old bones.

I suspect her mommy told her to pull his ears for having too much beer the night before!

Girls will be girls. To escape from his ‘capture’ … and to save Fitzand too … Zaydeen sank her teeth into daddy’s shoulder. Luckily it wasn’t me in there.

As I was the one with a camera … I only had to get my fat face in the photos once.

Kiddos checking if my bro got drunk and drowned. 😛

After a couple of hours in the pool … the kiddos went in for shower and then the two old dads did something ultra gay! Hahaha! We decided to pop into the pool together and finish our beer on a hot day. Hahahaha! Oh man … there were rubber duckies floating all over and we were sure if there was anyone looking down from the block of apartments nearby … we will both be in the local papers the next day. Sorry … I ain’t in the photo because I made the biggest sacrifice to be the photographer. Muwahahaha!

That’s all for now. Gotta go get some rest before making a trip to the lab and see if my test roll from the La Sardine survived. Talking about the La Sardina … one of the evening when we were having dinner and drinks with old friends … one of them whipped out his new DSLR and snapping around. If I am not wrong … it was a Canon 7D. After a while … I placed my La Sardina on the table and during that few seconds of silence … I said ‘let me show you what a real camera is!’. Hahahahah! Everyone were super curious and amused at this funny camera!



  1. pool! pool! pool!!

  2. Fun! Fun! Fun!

    Yeah you show’em what the real camera is!

    I’m off to a fish shop tomorrow to get my Sardine!

  3. @nelly : Bier! Bier! Bier! 😉 Hey quick go finish the roll on the ‘cat’ camera! I’m waiting!

    @Ta : Oh cool! Getting all the Sardinas … right?

  4. GAY!!!!

  5. @Noreen : Arghh! I swear I’m straight!!!

  6. it camouflage!!!! i knew it…. when u out with jim i saw you both exchange eyes Oo —- oO

  7. @noreen : Ermm … we use eye contacts to ask each other if we’d like another pint. Nothing too personal. 😛

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