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The La Sardina came just in time for my short trip to KL and being desperate to burn a test roll and didn’t have much time to go around … I shot most of it at my brother’s place … of course the kiddos became my models in most of them.

It was pretty sunny but since we were under shade, I used the flash set at the 1/8 setting. Luckily it turned out okay.

I must say the La Sardina is one hell fun camera! Just like most other Lomographic camera … this one is a sunlight addict too. The flash does come in handy at times and the ‘milky’ diffuser for the flash is one good thing to bring along for some fill flash without blowing the exposures.

I was told that the La Sardina has an aperture of f8 … so making sure there is good lighting is very important. Guess the flash saved many of my shots as I was shooting up-close and under shade …

I whipped out my La Sardina during a dinner/booze session when an old friend was showing us his state-of-the-art DSLR. Telling them ‘come … I show you what a real camera is!’ … sure made everyone’s jaw drop. I made them all ‘model’ for me … mwuahahahhaa!

I had the giant ‘user guide’ for the La Sardina with me … and thought maybe I could make my bro & kiddos model for me (again) …

… even the doggie was not spared …

What do I think about the La Sardina after this test roll? Awesome! This will definitely be one of my favourite camera from now on!


  1. O look at ‘The faggot’ and his duck

  2. @Kristine : Your darling is gonna kill me for what u commented. Lol.

  3. Not bad! Provia 400x?!

  4. @cyanwater : Thanks. Yeah 400X.

  5. awesome shot bang andy.sigh.tempting! 😛

  6. @ichi : Thanks! 😀 Sardin ni enak sekali! Pergi beli sardin!!! 😉

  7. waaa sardina! so nice ar!

  8. @ymmij : So we meeting up later for Sardina-ing and ermmm beer-ing? 😉

  9. Worh!!!! Your sardine shoot very nice!

  10. @Noreen : Thanks. Guess it works better with xpro.

  11. err,… i tried with xpro100 and my pic still suck i guess is the person not the camera… hahahah and i broke cyanwater sardina too… im so dead X x

  12. @noreen : You broke the Sardina? How did you do it? :O OMG! I’m sure she won’t mind coz she has lots of ’em in the shop. 😛

  13. Lovely pictures…Such fun…Love them.
    I am having a roll developed…will see tomorrow but not scanned.
    Can’t wait!

  14. @Ta : Thanks. Why are you not getting the roll scanned? I wanna see em!

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