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By • Jul 14th, 2011 • Category: Fun with film

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I wasn’t planning to get the Instant Kit for the LC-Wide because I’ve not been too satisfied with the photos that the instant back produce when paired with my LC-A+. However things got a little different when Jimmy (from ThirtySix) gave me a Instant Kit last weekend and told me to bring along my LC-Wide and the instant back … and some of course some film.

As I didn’t have much idea of what to shoot at the Farmart Center … most of these are super random shots … with the excuse of ‘testing the Instant Back’. 😛 Well … you might notice I took many photos of Jimmy. Hahahaha! No … I’m perfectly straight and he didn’t force me to take photos of him in return for giving me the Instant Kit. Oh … taking about that … note the Instant Kit on the LC-Wide (photo above)? It installs easily because there are magnets at the back of the round thingie (aka Instant Kit). It is acutally just a correction lens. It comes with a viewfinder too.

Double exposure of Jimmy. Ooops … I meant … cows!

Shooting under shades (without flash) tend to give darker sides (pic above).

This one above is the first shot I took that day. Hahahaha! When the photo was still developing … I was laughing my butt off. Jimmy then saw it and said ‘What the hell??! F#(@!*@ ugly!’. Hahahaha! That’s what happens when you double expose Pikachu with Jimmy.

Jim doing the unspeakable (pic above). :X

I remember doing 3 or 4 exposures for this photo above. 😀 Bunny remix!

Ermm … Jim … ermm … blowing …

I am begining to feel a little weird seeing so many photos of this ‘model’ in my blog recently. I shall refrain from shooting him in the near future. I promise. LOL!

Based on the user guide, you are supposed to set the LC-Wide to ISO200 when using it with the Instant Back. For some doubles … I forgot to set it to ISO400 and thus you see some overexposed shots. Grrrr!

So … do I like the LC-Wide + Instant Back pairing? Compared to the LC-A+ … I sure think the Instant Back works better with the LC-Wide. Reason being … you’ll get less of those ‘vignettings’ on the top & bottom of the photos (see this photo below taken with the LC-A+) and of course the 2 distance settings on the LC-Wide makes it way easier (and fun) to use. Being able to go close to the subject is another plus point for using the LC-Wide.

Note : This image (above) was taken with the LC-A+ & Instant Back. Note the dark ‘vignettes’ on the top and sides?


  1. lc-wide with instant back is mor efun! haha

  2. Gosh….my hands are itching badly to get a new film cam!!! Actually I do not really fancy the LCW so much….I think the LC-A is still the preferred classic….

  3. @ymmij : Oh yeah!

    @Jer : Get a LC-A then. 😉 Hurry up! 😉

  4. love it! esp the first picture of Jimmy! opps i mean cows. 😛

  5. @evaeva : Thank you. The cows will be happy to read your comment. Hahaha!

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