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There is never enough time to do everything that I want … especially on weekends. Finding time to spend with my cameras is always the biggest challenge and this weekend is no exception. I desperately took a short walk in the almost completed Bishan park (the upgrade seems to take ages!) alone and managed to cure (a little) my trigger happy habit. These are two shots taken with an old infrared converted camera. I’ve always like my IR images in black & white instead of the colored versions.

Many parts of the park are still not accessible to public but I’m sure it will be a great place for photos once it is fully opened. Few hours after my peaceful walk and snap at the park … I was there again with Fitzand playing ball … without a camera.

Fitzand has been bugging us to bring him to places with snow … as he wants to throw snowballs and make a snowman. Too bad our holiday timings have not been right but we’ve been thinking of one in the near future … perhaps to somewhere not to far away (Fitzand will go berserk being confined in a plane for so long) … perhaps to Hokkaido or somewhere in Korea. *starts imagining drinking beer in the cold again*

Anyway … we decided to bring him to the Snow City here in super hot city … Singapore. Luckily there was a promotion going on and tickets were being sold at a discounted price. The ‘Christmas in July’ promotion offers 2 hours play time at S$17 (plus a hot chocolate … not exchangeable for beer!) instead of the usual S$27.

My little boss was super duper enjoying ‘snowtubing’ down the 60-metre-long and 14° slope but after the initial ‘test slide’ sitting on my lap … he refused to go on the slides by himself. Why? You probably won’t believe it … I could do ‘stunts’ and that excites him big time! Hahaha! What originally wasn’t a planned ‘stunt’ ended up my ‘task’ for the rest of the … maybe 20 or 30 slides!!!

So what ‘stunt’ was it? Well … halfway down the slope … I have to try use my hand to make sure we turn around … then when almost at the end of the slide … *sweat* … make both of us ‘fly’ off the tube and we’ll end up on the ‘snow’. Sounds simple? Not for this fat old man! If that wasn’t bad enough … I made a mistake and wasn’t wearing a pair of jeans. My fat old butt got frozen and painful from all the friction!!! I took short breaks to the toilet to warm up my butt! Anyway … it was all worth it and Fitzand had so much fun he refused to leave. Too bad my frozen bum didn’t wanna end up in the hospital and we left after 2 hours.

Oh … also they didn’t allow cameras in the snow chamber. Fitzand wanted some photos … so we had to pay for a couple of them.

Last night I collected a set of tools that I’ve always wanted to have. It is a basic set of tools for making leather crafts. Cool eh? I’ve always wanted to try make stuffs with leather but haven’t been able to find any of these tools locally (even leather sheets are rare!) and of course I said a big ‘yeah!’ when the friend asked if I’d like to join her online order. See the cool stuffs below … I love the hammer (which I’ve to keep from Fitzand) …

I’ve only a small piece of thin leather to play with now but guess I’ll have to find more material to work with in order to figure out how to at least make some basic simple stuffs. Where do I find time to do these? Ermm … I don’t know. Maybe at night when Fitzand is sleeping … I’ll hide in my study room and gulp some hot coffee … and try not to slice off my fingers while doing these.


  1. Where did you get your leather making kit? I was looking for one as well!

  2. @kaxdd : It is from Taiwan. I’ll post the URL to the site tomorrow as I don’t have the URL with me now. I can’t read Chinese … so I had to depend on my friend (who ain’t much better than me in reading Chinese) to order it. Hahaha!

  3. Oh cool!! U should really check out alphabet punch for leathers on eBay!! Can customize your leather casings with your initials.. 😉

  4. Nice shots!
    Where to buy those leather crafts?! Interested but couldnt find them anywhere. 🙁

  5. @irorus : evilBay again??? Argghhh!!!

    @bryson : stay tuned for the link tomorrow

  6. For those of you who are interested … here’s the URL to the leather shop. 😀

  7. thank you uncle andrew! 😀

  8. Thanks Ndroo!

    Bryson, if you are keen, we can mass order to try to reduce the shipping. Let me know if you are going to order. Email me at

    Sorry Andrew for hijacking your blog for the mass order!

  9. @Bryson : No worries.

    @kaxdd : No problem at all. Who knows I’ll end up joining your mass order since I can’t read Chinese and can’t order it. Lol.

  10. Hi,

    Just almost finished all your posts !

    One question. How do you store your collection ???

  11. @Clickclickguy : Hello 😀 I used to store some of them on some small shelves I got from Ikea and the rest in some boxy bags but now I got them all on a custom shelf … after wifey agreed to it. 😀 See it here

  12. @ndroo

    Ah I see …. Thanks for the link. I got about 40+ vintage cameras that I put in glass display and wooden cabinet with thirsty hippo so at least I can display them. And you have a super cute son !

  13. @Clickclickguy : I used to put those Thirsty Hippo stuffs in the cabi until I got lazy and got a dehumidifier for the room.

  14. O i seee … Any meter to monitor the RH%?

  15. @Clickclickguy : I do have a couple of those analogue meters in my cabinet. Pretty hard to go down below 50% but usually it lingers slightly above 50% which I hope is okay. Lol.

  16. If you want leather skins I’ve found a shop in the industrial areas that sell em,they have ALOT.last I asked the guy they had different colored and textured lamb/goat/sheep/whateverthatanimaliscalled skin and the thicker cow’s one.may also have reptilian ones,not entirely sure…

    if you want I can pass you some of my left over snakeskin (red) that I used to wrap my gakkenflex.should be enough to wrap some of the smaller camera parts/use for experiments

  17. @ken : Thanks! Can you drop me an email with the address/contact # for the shop? Email me at ok? Thanks a million.

  18. Hi,

    I’ve googled upon your site when I’m searching for leathercraft tools. By any chance you know where can I purchase leather from? Thank you

  19. @Lynna : Are you from Singapore too? It is pretty hard to find shops selling them here (as far as I know). I heard there are a couple of them but the prices are pretty steep and you have to buy in large sheets. I’ll go ask for details (from friends) if you are interested. Alternatively … you can try get them from eBay or where the prices are reasonable. Hope this helps.

  20. @ndroo
    Yes. I’m from Singapore. Arab street doesn’t seem to have it in stock as well. It will be great if you can send the details of the shop to my email. Thank you so much for your help.

    Anyway, Thanks for the link. I’ll get one of my friends to translate it for me.

  21. Hi, I just came across your blog. can you share with me the details of the shop which is selling leather?

    Many thanks!!

  22. @susan : You can check out this website

  23. It’s hard to find well-informed people for this subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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