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I was at ThirtySix yesterday to pick up some Instax Wide film and since Fitzand was with me … I asked if he’d like a pack of the Instax Mini that has cartoons on them. Jimmy almost got me into big trouble when he took 4 packs of the film with different cartoons on them … and placed them right in front of Fitzand. Luckily Fitzand picked only one … the one with Winnie The Pooh design and I escaped from paying for another 3 packs of the highly addictive film. Grrrr! I hate you, Jim!

This afternoon … Fitzand started bugging me to take photos of him with the Instax camera. This time … he didn’t insist on being the one tripping the shutter because he wanted to be in all the photos. ‘How many photos in the box?’ … he asked. I told him there were 10 and he replied … ‘Ok! We take 10 photos!’.

Fitzand was asking me if I had more of these film when were came to the last shot. *sweat*

This is also the first time he cooperates very well when it comes to photo taking. LOL!

A Mickey Mouse pack will definitely be the next thing he asks for when I go down to the shop (with him). My wallet is trembling in fear!

This last shot (below) is the one that made me laugh big time. Fitzand suddenly burst into laughter and my fat clumsy fingers accidentally tripped the shutter and …

Fitzand looked at the last photo and said ‘This one … me not nice but the Pooh cartoon is nice. Keep this!’. Okay … hahahaha … so my little boss is getting good a quality control now. *sweat*

I happened to look at the back of the photo and saw something that made me grin. ‘Don’t put in your mouth’ … it says. Hmm. I don’t recall seeing this warning at the back of the plain Instax Mini film!


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  1. SO CUTE !

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