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I borrowed this little cute and sexy Gizmon Half D digital toy camera from Jimmy last week to have a feel of how it works. One look and most analogue cam lovers will know that the design is very much like the Olympus Pen F series of wonderful half frame cameras from the past but this one is super duper small (and cute!). There are several lens attachments but I’ve yet to try them on the camera. They are attached by simply placing them on the front of the lens. Yeah … magnets makes things simple.

There are 10 color modes you can choose from (well … if you include the ‘standard mode’ of course) and I did a comparison between them …

Pretty interesting eh? I’ve always wondered who will actually like the ‘color noise’ mode but then … it could be just me. So far I like using the cross processing, the Moriyama & the vivid modes.

I was a little amused to find a ‘half frame’ in the aspect ratio option. You can choose from ‘normal’, ‘half’ & ‘square’. I love using the square format as the LCD behind is square and makes framing a lot easier. Did someone say I’m not supposed to use the LCD when using such cameras? 😀 The half frame ratio is … yeah … you’ve guessed it … half the size of the normal one. Not really fun (to me).

Since the square format is my favourite … I took some random test shots on a very busy weekend to see how this little cute camera performs …

I find that this Half D cutie performs pretty well. There seem to be much less lag compared to the Harinezumi (not sure about the newer versions but I’m using the Zumi & Zumi 2) … or it could be just my old brain playing tricks on me?

Fitzand was asking me ‘What is that? A cute camera?’ and then ‘kidnapped’ it for some random shots. I’ll post up those he took later on when there are more. 😀 Too bad the Half D is also a silent camera. Fitzand will definitely make me buy one for him if the camera goes ‘click!’ (or beeps) when you press the shutter button. Phew!

I’ve not tried using many of these digital toy cameras but I was a little surprised that there is even an exposure compensation option in this Half D. Any other digital toy cam has that? I was using the ‘auto’ ISO selection although you can actually select them manually. Navigating through the simple menu is pretty easy although the buttons are a little too small for my fat fingers.

As for video, I did try shooting a little and it sure looks impressive (in a toy cam way). The larger LCD makes shooting video easier than the Harinezumi (old fuzzy eyeballs are to blame!) too. 😛

Hope I will find more time for more test shots this coming weekend. Jimmy … I’m so sorry your cute cam ain’t going back to you for another week or so. 😛

This cute little Gizmon Half D is available at ThirtySix now.


  1. Mine is on the way 🙂

    Yes, Zumi lags. I have the Chinon 2++ ver.

  2. You should definitely get one!

  3. By the way do ThirtySix ship to the UK. There are some interests here. If they do I shall send them 36 way…

  4. @Sapphire St : Congrats! 😀

    @Ta : I told you … I’m broke! 🙁 Hahaha! I’ll check with Jim if they ship to UK. I think they do. 🙂

  5. yep, we do.

  6. Thank you @ymmij I have sent some people your way.

  7. sure ta king! thanks thanks. 😀

  8. Great review! I hope mine comes soon!

  9. @anny : Congrats on your new cool toy! 😀

  10. Just got my gizmon today!! :DD I haven’t tried using it though, it’s still charging. I hope you won’t mind if I seek for tips. 🙂

  11. @anny : Congrats!

  12. For the same price, the JOCO VX5 has a 12megapixel CMOS sensor (rather than just 2 for the Gizmon). The colour effects seem a less interesting though. Here’s a link:

    Has anyone tried it?

  13. @Romain : Thanks for the update. I saw the camera at Nic’s store (fourcornerstore) but didn’t realize the difference in the sensor.

  14. So if you had to keep only one, which one would it be? Harinezumi or Gizmon Half D?

  15. @Romain : Tough question. Lol. I like the Gizmon for the slim and sexy design but Zumi gets points for using CR2 batteries. Running out of juice during outings or travels is quite a headache. Just that alone make me wanna keep the Zumi if you point a gun at my head. Otherwise … I’ll keep both. Hahaha!

  16. I am really interested in this but this beauty is just so hard to find.

    Any advise? Or any chance of you letting it go?


  17. @jessica : Unfortunately I sold off this baby some long time ago. 🙁

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