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This entry is supposed to be about 2 tests/experiments with film that I tried out today in between all the busy tasks … but unfortunately I screwed up one of them and still couldn’t figure out the second one. Well … I’ll try again tomorrow or another day.

I’ll just post these few snapshots I took of Fitzand today while out shopping. He had a wonderful time as usual and I picked up a free Sony iPod/iPhone dock for him so that he can play his favorite songs from my iPod instead of an USB stick. By the way … he’s been dancing (!!!) to some of those tracks from the Rainbow Fish musical since we brought him to the performance a few weeks back. I’ve no problem with that but he chose to do it … right before bedtime! His big time movements will get him all perspiring and I’ve to change his pajama right before he sleeps. *sweat*

Not many photos (of him) because he was pretty tired by the time I whipped out my camera. 

I got him a camera attachment for his Leapster Explorer and he was super happy! He’ll snap photos of us and then draw stuffs on them. Ermm … I’ll see if I wanna post any of them later when I get to extract them from the device. His favorite is the one with those images with the face ‘cut out’ and he’ll take photos of our faces to ‘superimpose’ on them. Sometimes he’ll get me to take the photo if the character is one he likes. Guess what … when it comes to ‘princess’, ‘birthday girl’ etc … he’ll get me to be the model. If it is the spaceman or some cool character … I’ll get to be the photographer. No … I’m not posting any of those with me as the ‘princess’!!!

It will be another long day tomorrow as we’ll be meeting up with some friends from Japan for early dinner/drinks. Time to forget about the disappointing experiments today and go to bed happy like Fitzand. 😀


  1. Love the little milk teeth…..

  2. he look so enjoying leh!!!!!!

  3. @Ta : Thanks. Wanna see my beer teeth? 😛

    @norya : Yeah he was having a blast! 😀

  4. Camera attachment for his Leapster Explorer? Sound like a cool toys, what is it exactly?

  5. @Jer : It is like a handheld device with touchscreen for kiddos. It has learning apps & games for them. The camera attachment is optional but Fitzand loves it. You can Google for some details and pics.

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