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Composer gone Pro!

Yeah … my Lensbaby Composer has gone pro. Received the Pro version of the Composer from Lensbaby yesterday and it answered all my questions before about how different can it be from the normal version. After drawing a Hello Kitty leaving a big ‘X’ on the polling slip for the Presidential Election this morning, we went out for a great breakfast with some friends and then spent some time doing some shopping … and of course for me … some shooting!

This set of candid photos above is my favourite from today’s catch. You can click on it for a larger version. I pointed the camera at him and for a short while he started to pose for me. This is where the much smoother focusing and bending of the Composer Pro comes in handy!

For still subjects, honestly I don’t find too much difference between the two versions (putting aside the fact that the Pro version is way (way way) better built and feels more solid.

I did try shooting some skateboarders in action but unfortunately 5 seconds after I whipped out my camera, Fitzand made me carry him so that he can watch them (there were some barriers blocking him). There goes my chance to try out the lens on some super fast action. Arghhh!

I swear she walked into my frame!!! Hahaha! Nah. I was trying to see how well the Composer Pro could perform for street shooting. Really! Not bad eh? (the Composer Pro of course!).

Fitzand must be wondering why I was going ‘Okay … boy … move it!’ … asking him to start his usual super active zapping around. I was actually trying to make him ‘model’ for me to try out how well/fast I could focus using the Composer Pro. The result? I am very satisfied with the lens! Shooting with an aperture disc of f4.0 wasn’t easy when it comes to moving subjects but I was still able to nail some decent shots.

I can’t wait til they have sufficient stock to send me a Sweet 35 optic. That’s the one I am really looking forward to, as I am usually too lazy/busy/tired to keep swapping aperture discs. The wider lens will make a good travel companion too.

For more information on the Lensbaby products, do check out their website here.

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