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When Fingers Itch

By • Sep 6th, 2011 • Category: Fun with film

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Another busy weekend just zapped past and here are some pano shots I took with the ETRsi and a roll of Lomography Xpro 200 film … just to cure my itchy fingers for the last 2 days. I wasted a frame (that’s a long one!) or two when I accidentally pressed the shutter button. Gosh. I need to shoot more to prevent my itchy finger from auto triggering the shutter as and when it likes. 🙁

* click on these pics for larger versions

Some of these were pretty much shot at the same scene … at the Buskers Festival. Hahaha! I was sitting there … with Fitzand enjoying the performances and I got carried away snapping away … perhaps thinking I had a digital camera in my hand. Gosh. I need counselling!

I tried shooting some ‘vertical panos’ too …


  1. […] * Source : fuzzyeyeballs.com […]

  2. Love this set very much!

  3. @Ta : Thank you 🙂

  4. ^_^/ Love the pictures here! That film doesn’t seem like the xpro 200, it isn’t yellow or green enough or is this because its not cross-processed?

    Just popping back in after a long hiatus and workplace cut off internet access. You don’t happen to have a mobile (non-iphone) version of your site, do you? 😀

  5. @wynth : Hey hey! Welcome back. 🙂 Yeah the colors from this roll ain’t as greenish/yellowish/contrasty as I expect. I’ll burn another roll of this film and find out soon. 😀

    I’ve just enabled the mobile version of my blog. Do let me know if it works.

  6. @wynth : After some tests, I disabled the mobile version while I figure out how to give it a better layout (in mobile version). 😀

  7. Yeah! It must be your touch for the funky colours! ;p. I managed to see it briefly and then it went crazy on my phone and so yeah!

    I finally bit the bullet and updated the lomo home that I have (previously it was empty) just for the Lomowall Singapore submission. May I add you as a friend please? 😀

  8. @wynth : Hahaha! Yeah. I go nuts when I see a plain looking page. Add me as a friend? Where? Lomo webbie? What’s your nick there?

  9. wynth! 😀

  10. @wynth : Ok! Hahha! Let’s hook up there. 😉

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