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Picked up a very minty condition Pentax I-10 today at a super great price from a seller who seemed pretty eager to let it go. Finally I can stop worrying whenever Fitzand bugs me for my X-100 (!!!) when I’m out shooting. Yeah … this cute white baby is for my baby big boy. Why not just let him use my LC-A+ you ask? He is one trigger happy fella (like me) and since he learned how to advance the film and take the next (and next and next) shot … I’ve been trying not to leave him alone with a film camera … at least until he knows why daddy’s face turn pale whenever he does that.

A small digital camera was the only solution but so far I’ve yet to find one that’s economical and neat for him … until today. I actually was eyeing this I-10 when I was in Tokyo a couple of years back but buying new wasn’t really a good idea. This little sexy 12MP camera with image stabilizer has one additional ‘feature’ that will make the little one happy. You can choose the startup sound/shutter sound … from a normal ‘click!’ … to the sounds of a cat meowing or dog barking! 😀 One reason why he refused to use my Harinezumi was because it didn’t go ‘click!’ when he presses the shutter button. Yeah … he grew up messing with my LC-A+ and other film cameras … so without that ‘click!’ probably takes away all the fun for him.

For those who has not seen one of these … you can see how small it is from the image above. It is just slightly taller than a roll of 35mm film! 😀 I’ve to go get a cute neck strap for him though. One drop and this baby will probably be dead or crippled for good.

The buttons at the back are pretty neat and simple. Fitzand will probably be only using the playback button for now though.

I sure wish it doesn’t have this protruding lens but then … I’m sure it is necessary with the 5X zoom on it. I haven’t show it to him (Fitzand) yet. Perhaps I’ll do so after getting him a neck strap this weekend. Hopefully in a few month’s time … he’ll tell me ‘Daddy! Let’s go take photos!’ instead of ‘Daddy! Let’s go run in the park!’ on days when this fat old body of mine need some rest.


  1. You are mad!!!…and the answer to why Fitz should not use your LCA+ is because you don’t want the shutter button to fall out!! 😛

  2. @nelly : I’m not mad. It is just that I think letting a kiddo kill a approx $400 LC-A+ by popping out the shutter button is mad. Ooops! Hahahaha! I’ve yet to find way to tighten the screws on your LC-A+ after getting the shutter button fixed. Can I just super glue it? 😛

  3. Very cool. I got my girls Sony compact digital cameras a few years ago. The youngest dropped hers on the floor on the damn retractable lens and we had to send it away to get it fixed however, those cameras were a GREAT buy! They like to choose a toy camera on “Mommy’s Photo Excursions” but more often than not they’ll bring their digicams along and snap away happily.

  4. @Jenni : Yeah … that’s the risk when kiddos use cams with retractable lenses. One hit and it is almost a sure thing that a visit to the service center (or sometimes the camera graveyard) is guaranteed. Hahaha! Yeah most kiddos will prefer digital as they can view the results instantly (let’s not go anywhere near Polaroid stuffs for kids). 😀

  5. Woooo…nice! I hardly keep a lookout for Pentax until they came out with the colorful palette of bodies, so this is unavailable in the local stores? I really like the idea of “Meow…Meow…Meow…”

  6. @Jer : I’m not sure if this is available locally. It should be though.

  7. Nice camera! 🙂

  8. @Bryson : Yeah. It is small, sexy and sleek. I was holding it in my hands for a long time … and not taking a single photo. Lol.

  9. Nice. My daughter has her LEGO digital camera to keep her busy.

  10. Very nice. My daughter has the LEGO camera to keep her busy.

  11. @killyrbf : Oh the LEGO one. That’s cool! I wanted to get one of those for my boy but I was told that it doesn’t have the ‘shutter click’ sound … so I had to give it a miss. Fitzand loves the ‘click’ or ‘clack’ a cameras makes when he fires it. Blame the LC-A+. 🙁

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