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After watching a fun Disney Music Festival event late this morning, we spent some hours slacking at Marina Bay Sands and since we had some time to kill, I whipped out the Pentax I-10 that I bought Fitzand recently for some test shots.

These are some test shots done using the Pentax I-10.

I was pretty impressed with what this little cute sexy point-n-shoot camera can produce! As a matter of fact, after using it for while … I beginning to love it more and feeling reluctant to let Fitzand lay his little paws on it!

These test photos are all straight out of the camera without any post processing.

Fitzand suddenly handed me the I-10 and asked me to take phot of him … posing beside very single plant available there. *sweat*

I will not post all the photos of Fitzand (and plants) here but the following are more (straight out of camera) shots with the I-10 …

The next few photos were taken not with this Pentax but rather … photos taken of Fitzand with the I-10 …

I think he loves the camera! Too bad I haven’t found a proper (aka cute and reliable) neck strap for him yet and so I was a little worried when he was lurking around with the cute camera in his hands.

He was getting pretty good at using it despite the lack of a viewfinder.

The following photos were taken by Fitzand …

I’ll end this entry with two other non I-10 shots I took today …




  1. Wow…looks like a lot of fun there!!! The photos from X100 looks really nice…may I should look for something to replace my old and cranky Ricoh GX100…

  2. @Jer : What happened to your GX100? That’s a good cam! I am sure it is way better than this I-10. I used it before and I’m damn sure the quality is way better. Lol.

  3. Yes I have to agree that it is a good cam but it starts to get cranky at times…LCD screen will show banding or turn purple sometimes, then focus cannot lock on at times. I did sent to the service centre for a check but they say it was ok….so I LL walk out. If it really broke down, I think it will be better to get buy one then servicing it…dun you think so?

  4. @Jer : Whoa. That sounds cranky! Yeah if it dies, guess a replacement is a more logical choice. A compact that’s awesome? You should wait for the Fujifilm X10. 😀

  5. Thank you for the review. Because of it, I bought my wife the I-10 as a pocket camera to accompany her DSLR and she loves it.

  6. @Loewe : Oh cool! Bet your wife loves this cute little sexy cam!

  7. Have you gotten him a neck strap yet? Been looking for one myself 🙂

  8. @Queenie : Yeah I’ve got 2 for Fitzand. He choose them himself. Lol. They are more like lanyards for mobiles but looks pretty strong. One is with Winnie The Pooh and the other has prints of his favourite Mickey Mouse. 😀

  9. @Queenie : Hmm. I thought I posted a photo of the strap/lanyard but I think I posted it in Facebook instead of my blog. 😛

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