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I am amazed that I can still remember the password to login into my blog and create a new entry. 😀 Finally … the stress is over! I am done with scanning the photos for the exhibition to be held a couple of weeks from now … and also put the finishing touch to ‘very special’ camera (also for the exhibition). Stay tuned for details. 😉

Since life is now ‘back to normal’ … I’ll post some test photos taken with a Pentax A50 f1.2 lens that I recently traded another lens with. Well … this one is a manual focus lens and focusing with such a narrow DOF will definitely send my old eyeballs to hell earlier … but I’ve always wanted too have a feel of using such a lens. I’ve used f1.4 lenses before but they were autofocus ones and of course wasn’t much a challenge when it comes to focusing.

The lens came in a very nice Pentax hard pouch and an original Pentax snap-on hood. I’d love the have the very rare (and very expensive) silver ‘Special’ version but I might need to rob a bank for it. I’ll settle with the black one for now.

The lens feels really solid and the size is just right. I’ve yet to get used to focusing with it but from a few test shots (super random ones) … I think I might be able to figure it out … soon. Until then … I’ll leave this lens for the DSLR unless I’m gonna shoot like f2.8 with it on my film SLR. I wouldn’t wanna end up with an entire roll of out of focus shots (since this ain’t no plastic toy camera). 😀

These were taken before I touched any alcohol. With such narrow DOF … manual focusing after booze is definitely out of the question for my old eyes.


This next one was taken at f1.4 …

… and another at f1.8 …

Please note that these test shots are not meant to find out how sharp or good the lens is. LOL. They are meant to test if I can manual focus properly without the aid of a split screen or a large viewfinder. I’m loving the lens so far.




  1. Great lens!! Those are some nice test shots. Can’t wait to see what your special project ends up looking like.

  2. @Jenni : Thanks. I’m done with my ‘work’ and I’m sending in the DVD of photos for print today. If all goes well, I’ll post some photos up in a couple of weeks. 🙂

  3. Great lens. I owned a plain K version early in my film days. I saw some argentine wine there. I hope you didn’t paid too much for it 🙂

  4. @Albano : So is the K version still with you? As for the wine … nah … I didn’t drink any. I am not a wine person. I get all sleepy when drinking wine and also … an upset tummy. Not sure why. Hahaha! A glass or two will still be fine. Give me beer any time! 😀

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