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Partner For My 50mm

After some waiting … finally found a small & solid SLR to partner my 50mm manual lens. Some local seller eventually lowered his asking price for this minty Pentax LX … and the green covering on it is a bonus! 😀

“It is a SLR which has its body structure made of rugged, die cast aluminum-alloy and equipped with a very reliable horizontally traveled Titanium electro-mechanical shutter, which provides a range of variable mechanical shutter speeds that will still be functional and withstanding temperatures down to -30C even in a battery-free situation. It has a multiple exposure mechanism that allows the photographer to wind back to any desirable frame in pin sharp accurate registration, it has an enormous array of photographic system accessories and a wie range of top class optic ranges from Fisheyes, Ultrawides, Super-Telephoto and close-up lenses for macro/microscopic reproduction – these make the Pentax LX can stands up to everyday professional use.

Its compact and light weight design is a triumph of human engineering. While on the metering, it encompasses a revolutionary IDM Light Measuring System for a theoretical perfect automatic exposure. Its Integrated Direct Metering (“IDM” in short, they called it) system offers the photographers with extremely accurate, instantaneous automatic exposure readings from as low as 125 sec to 1/2000 sec, both in available light and in the TTL Auto Flash mode. All these have enabled the Pentax LX to truly recognised as one of the modern classic SLR camera of modern times.”

* Info taken from source

More info about the LX can be found here.

Gonna put my Pentax MZ-50 up for sale in an hour. I’m not sure why I ended up with a MZ-3 and MZ-5 but I guess one of them has to go to pay (partially) for this LX.

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