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I feel in love with the simple yet awesome photos she takes and posts in Facebook and when I saw that she has this lovely ‘Portland Vignettes’ book published … I didn’t think twice about ordering a copy. I got to know Keri through Lensbaby (she’s a lucky devil to work in a company making fun lenses!).

A copy of the book arrived today (I got a signed copy!) and I must say that I’m impressed!

“Keri Friedman is a photographer living in Portland, OR. By day she works for Lensbaby, one of the coolest photographic companies around.”

Inside … filled with tons of wonderful photos. To be very honest … I’ve never flipped through a photo book this many times! I swear I wasn’t paid to say this. Hahahaha!

Oh … one more thing … I was the first to ‘officially purchase’ a copy of this wonderful book! I guess the first few to ‘unofficially purchase’ it are her family members. 😛 Yeah … and I rock! 😀

Strangely … all these while I thought she was using an iPhone for her photos until today. I told her that I’ve received the book and how impressed I was … and how I sometimes am tempted to get an iPhone just because the camera seem to be pretty darn good … and she told me she’s using an Android phone. Hahaha! OMG! She mentioned about using the ‘Vignette’ camera software for Android and that made me burn a few bucks for a full version of it. I did try a couple of shots with it but … ermm … in the trash can they went. Guess it is all about the person behind the camera (or phone) after all.

This photo above alone made me super pleased to have bought the book. Keri posted it in her Facebook page before and I was a big fan of it (the image). When I saw it included in the book … I smiled. 🙂

If you are interested to pick up a copy of this lovely book … check it out here or see more of her works in her website.

In the mail today … also came a present from Lensbaby … the Sweet 35 optic! Awesome! This came just in time and this lucky little optic gets to follow me for my short vacation in a few weeks time. I’m always using the f4 aperture disc on my Lensbaby because I’m just too darn lazy (or too busy) to swap the discs. The Sweet 35 has the apertures built in and you can actually change it by turning the aperture ring! No more fumbling over the little aperture discs with my clumsy fat fingers. Yeahhooo!!!

I can’t wait to try out the Composer Pro + Sweet 35 combo. Bet it’s gonna be one fun lens!

I’ll go flip through Keri’s book again before bedtime and then sleep with eyes open … thinking about the two new metal editions of the La Sardina. Good nite!

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