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Unmasking Negativity : Pics

A week sure zapped by fast and the 1 week exhibition of my ‘Unmasking Negativity’ at ThirtySix comes to an end. For those who didn’t make it there for the exhibition, here are the photos …

This one above was the first photo that made it into this set.

If you haven’t already read about it earlier, these are negatives from the Impossible Project’s PZ680 film and they were bleached to obtain this blue-ish and weird negative results.

It wasn’t really easy coming out with these photos as I had not much time to work on them and the bleaching process required some careful work. Too much bleach or scratching/rubbing too hard … will ‘kill’ the photo.

This one above is my favourite from this set of photos. Someone asked if I was shooting from some high building and I had a good laugh. These are not real wheels! They are actually wheels from toy cars that I used for making my ‘The Aftermath’ Spectra makeover. Hahaha!

Overall I had fun doing this project despite the rush. I might not wanna touch bleach for the next few months after sniffing too much of them.

Don’t forget to check out how these photos were ‘made’ in this little tutorial here.

This bleaching method is also included in the Impossible Project’s ‘101 Ways’ project and hopefully be selected to be included in the book next year. Keeping my fingers bleached crossed!

The ‘Impossible Lessons’ exhibition is still going on until November. The next artist to showcase his work is no other than Jimmy Phua (aka ymmij) … half the boss of ThirtySix and to me … one of the grandfather of Lomo/toy camera photography here in Singapore who brought much awareness about this hobby by teaming up with Cindy (aka cyanwater) and starting the local forum LomotionSG. Go check out his work next week and be inspired!


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