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Checking out of Disneyland Hotel in 2 hours and we’ll be heading to Tsim Tsa Tsui where we’ll spend the rest of our week-long vacation. The last 2 days were spent in Disneyland Park and there’s no prize for guessing who had the biggest fun there. 😀 Honestly … if not because of wanting Fitzand to have big fun … we probably had left the place in half a day. Don’t get me wrong … I’m a big fan of Disneyland but for those who has been to this one in Hong Kong, you probably know how ‘scary’ it gets with many ‘not very nice’ tourists. All the queue jumping, loud (very!) talking, stampedes at the rides … are just way too much for us to take. The last trip here many years ago was not much better but unfortunately I didn’t have many annual leaves to spare to make a trip to Tokyo this time round. A trip to the one in US is even more not possible with only a week to spare.

Nevermind the headache (now that it is over), Fitzand sure had a blast! After tons of rides & yummies … he is grinning from ear to ear now.

While I usually hate lugging along my DSLR for trips, I had to bring it along this trip because I wanted to shoot using my Lensbaby Composer Pro + Sweet 35 optic … but so far I only shot a few with this combo. Most of the time I was busy bringing Fitzand for rides and taking some snapshots of him.

Fitzand’s favorite was the car ride as you can see from the photo below. Every time we go on that ride, he’ll be the one navigating and he’ll deliberately not hold the steering wheel and let the car bump all over and start laughing non stop. Yeah … I was sitting beside him laughing along like a madman. 😀

Of course not forgetting getting him some soft toys that he wanted. If you are wondering why he went for the two ‘girls’ (in photo below), that’s because those were the ones not in his ‘collection’. The bigger Mickey was a present I bought him right before we left the park. He then said ‘bye bye’ to the park and so did I … just that I did it with a grin. This will be the last time I’m checking Disneyland Hong Kong. 😛

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