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Forgetting what film was loaded into a Diana F+ camera was probably one big mistake. Realising that I’ve not been using my Diana F+ camera for the longest time and deciding to bring it along with the roll of film (that I loaded in it maybe over a year ago and not know what film) for my recent Hong Kong trip … was another big mistake.

I thought I had a roll of ISO400 film loaded and happily fired away (although I only managed to that roll of 120 film … something this trigger happy man find strange) and ended up with lots of underexposed photos. The only consolation are these few surviving ones.

I’ve gotta make it a habit to stick a post-it note on the cameras if I were to leave film in them. I’ve made many mistakes before of accidentally opening the camera back and wasting some film in the process. Grrrrr!

I had to up the brightness to scan some of these surviving shots!

Despite this ‘tragedy’, shooting this roll has somehow re-ignited my mood to shoot using the Diana cameras (and not just collecting them). Stay tuned for more Diana F+ shots in the coming months!

I’ll scan a roll of Lomography X Tungsten 64 film that I shot using my LC-W later tonight after Fitzand goes to bed. From the film strips … most of the shots seem to be okay but … let’s see later.


  1. Actually, the ones you posted all came out really well! More diana F+ !!

  2. @Erik : Thanks. Too bad only about half a roll survived. Yeah … to more Diana! 😀

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