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Ran over to ThirtySix a few days before my Hong Kong trip to pick up a pack of the Lomography X Tungsten 64 film … thinking I could give it a test run during the trip. Unfortunately I was too busy entertaining my little one that I hardly had the time (and mood) to shoot much. Anyway … here are the photos from the roll of Tungsten film. As per what I read & saw online … this film is pretty cool … with a little randomness when it comes to the colors. Sometimes pinkish … sometimes purplish … sometimes a little bit like redscale … very very fun!

Spot my little Lomographer!

Lovely colors that are pretty random depending on lighting!

… and for some shameless cam whoring shots …

I thought getting my fat face in the photos above were okay since I had the skulls to ‘decorate’ me … until I saw what the darn wide lens on the LC-W did to my already fat face in the following photo …

I sure wish I had more time to burn a couple more rolls during the trip but then my priority was my family and the cammie had to take a rest. Hopefully the next vacation which we are planning to take during the first quarter of 2012 will be less stressful (I’m counting on Fitzand on that) and I can burn like 2 rolls of film a day. 😀

Pretty interesting film! I’m definitely gonna go stock up a couple more rolls soon.



  1. Quite a wide variation in color. I would like to see you take it on one of your city walks.

  2. @Loewe : Yeah the colors are neat!

  3. #2…The tribal chief!!!

  4. Haha…its No.5!

  5. @Jer : I’ll make BBQ outta you! 😀

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