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One of my favorite past time when on vacations is to wander around on the streets taking random snapshots of people. Unlike some who prefers interacting with their subjects, I prefer my subjects ‘raw’. This means I wanna capture them in the most natural situations without them smiling for the camera. Most photos from this set were taken using the Fujifilm X10 as I was giving it a test run on the streets. I usually love getting close to the people and thus shooting wide most of the time. The face detection feature does help a little too.

Following my earlier set of photos from the street (here), here are more of them …

Some friends asked if I find the X10 a better option for street photography (the camera being black is less attention grabbing) compared to the X100. Honestly … I don’t find any difference. If I have to pick one … it will still be the X100 as the weight makes it feel better when shooting with one hand. The lighter X10 somehow feels ‘weird’ when shooting with one hand … probably because it is lighter and is short of the Thumbs Up grip I have on the X100.

I got some messages about an hour ago from a friend who is on vacation in Hong Kong right now … asking me directions to some places. Well … I suck at directions but I guess he managed to track down the restaurant. Anyway … his messages made me wish I were still there … slacking … eating … drinking … and doing nothing. 🙁

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