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Scanned The Rest

Finally done scanning the rest of the photos from my 1st roll of DIY developed black & white film (a roll of Neopan 400). You will find most of these are very random shots … ranging from puppies to chickens, from broken cups to wheelbarrows … as I was trying (very) hard to finish the roll during a trip to a relative’s place in Malaysia last weekend. I somehow ‘had to prepare’ a roll to try out DIY developing when I get back here and I am sure glad I did! 😀

These were all taken using the Pentax LX + 50mm f1.2 lens that I bought some months back. It was the first time I used the camera and I was very very happy with it! The very small solid SLR feels really … ermm … solid! I’m loving it lots! Now I feel like selling off my Nikon FA & F3. 😛

I’m definitely going to stock up more black & film!

… and the entire set of photos …

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