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Spent half a day at a pool with Fitzand and some of his classmates today. The school/childcare will be organizing swimming lessons for the kiddos next year and this morning was an intro course to let the parents know what the kiddos will be doing.

Of course my little boss was super happy and even refused to leave after the session ended after lunch. Bet me must be looking forward to the lessons.

Knowing him … it will not be just boring lessons … as he will definitely be clowning around! Good thing is the instructor-student ratio is good and we are sure he will be in safe hands.

I heard him asking the instructor … ‘what do you call this?’ and the instructor replied ‘swimming board’. Curious little fella eh?

“When you are in the water … a shark will come from behind and open its mouth and … “

My little big bully!

The battery in my X10 ran out of juice (!!!) and I had to stop taking photos as the X100 just couldn’t do it without any zoom. Oh … I did shoot with my La Sardina too! Ermm … I took only 1 shot with it. 😛

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