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The Elephant Parade is here and when we were out shopping last weekend, after checking out the numerous awesome designs (on the elephants) … Fitzand was attracted by a mini elephant sculpture painting activity in a corner. Luckily he preferred to paint one at home … otherwise I might have to wait there for hours before he can finish one. That is if he has the patience to sit there that long. Anyway … we picked up a blank elephant sculpture and headed home. I saved ten bucks because we didn’t have to go for the set that comes with a few little tubs of acrylic paint since I still have some at home.

Fitzand all warmed up to start painting!

Happy and proud of his little elephant!

I was a little worried that he’ll drop it!

Work starts!

I was his assistant during the whole process. He will make me wash the brush, pick the colors he wants … help him squeeze the paint on the palette (which he will then happily mix) and wipe away the mess. Pretty amazing I could still manage to snap some photos eh?

He was very detail in the painting. No spot were left (I think) unpainted.

Thank God the elephant is pretty small … otherwise I might have to buy a few buckets of paint for him.

I did thought of getting one for myself but I am sure he’ll kidnap mine when he sees it.

I had to be very alert during the whole process as I was really worried he’ll accidentally drop the elephant. I don’t mind getting him a replacement but I am sure he’ll be crying the whole night!

See the ears (in the photo below)? After adding that patch of white … he told me ‘Look daddy! It is like the sea and the sun coming up!’. Hmm … sunrise!!! He has very wild imagination!

He still wants to add some designs to it before I finally give it a layer of lacquer. Ermm … this means my work is not over yet too. Lol.

Don’t ask me why he added a cross on the elephant’s bum!

I asked him what he wanna name the elephant and he told me ‘I call him ELLO!’


  1. very nice and cute!!!!!!

  2. @norya : Thanks. I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear that. He is every excited and can’t wait to get it done because he wants to bring it to class to show his teacher. LOL. You should have agreed to do one when OIC asked you to. I’d love to see a giant version of your work. EleMiun? 😀

  3. The cross on the bum is quite brilliant. Hahh!

  4. @Bone : ‘X’ marks the spot! 😛

  5. hi may i know where did you get the elephant? i was thinking of getting one.

  6. @rickney : Are you here in Singapore? If you are, you can check out these elephants at Tangs. The event is still on. Check out their website here

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