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“Vendo Camara Diana F+ “Canal Odisea” medio formato – 35€+envio”

These were the words I saw in a Flickr group page that made me went ‘Huh? What?’ but I had a feeling my hunt for the Odisea edition of the Diana F+ camera finally has some hope. I used Google translate and promptly contacted the user. I was overjoyed when the seller replied me (in English!) and after a shot while … she agreed to help ship it to me in Singapore from Spain. Yahooo!!! It finally arrived but I’m too busy to take photos of it (and thus I leeched these photos from Odisea Channel’s Facebook page).

The reason why I was hunting for this is because the camera ain’t available for sale in stores. These cameras were given out as prizes for some photo competition organized by Odisea Channel for people in Spain & Portugal. The girl who sold it to me won it and was letting it go as she told me shooting film there is pretty costly. I feel so lucky to have found it! 😀

The box it came in is also pretty!!! I’ll see if I can find time to take photos of it this weekend.

This isn’t the only camera that I thought I will never lay my hands on. The prior one was one that Lomography & Wrangler gave out as prizes for some photo competition … I think only in the US. Strangely I received that camera also around Christmas! Those awesome people at ThirtySix somehow managed to source for one and gave it to me as a Christmas present last year!

Now my collection of the Diana F+ clone is complete (I think) … until the next one comes along (argh!!). I’ve yet to collect the gold one from ThirtySix and the Novella one is in the post (Jim … is that right?). Now all I need is some money to pay for both of them.




  1. CRAZY !!!!!!! mission to rob ndroo is ON!!!!

  2. @norya : Ain’t it better to rob Cindy? She has all the awesome analogue cams. Mine are just plastic. 😛

  3. wor!!

  4. […] dear friend, Ndroo, has finally manage to get his hands on the very limited Odisea edition of the Diana F+. I believe […]

  5. This is a prince’s collection! Hadn’t seen many of these ever before — the Nightcap! The Odisea!
    Very nice.

  6. You are lucky! I showed my wife the pictures of your Diana cameras. She shook her finger at me and said, “NO!” Ha-ha

  7. omggg

  8. @ymmij : … and whose fault is it that I end up with such crazy ‘habit’???!!

    @Erik : Yeah some of them are not listed in Lomography’s website and sold through other stores like UO & MoMA. There’s another one … the ‘TORI’ which is the special Tori Amos edition that came with her boxset CD etc. I’ve yet to take a photo of it for this gallery list.

    @Loewe : Hahahaha! Why on earth did you show this to your wife? Just buy and smuggle home 1 by 1 when she is not looking. Ooops!

    @weihsuan : Did Jim try to poison you with Dianas too?

  9. I badly want a Parisian Diana F+…

  10. @Sarah : Good choice! That’s one handsome Diana!

  11. I WANT!!!!

  12. @Annette : For real? I might just be able to hook you up with someone who has one for sale. Not sure if it has been sold but no harm asking if you want one. 🙂 Do let me know ok? 🙂

  13. Could you let me know if someone you know is selling their Parisian or Odisea Diana F+ please. Thanks!

  14. @Sarah : At the moment … not that I know off. There was another Odisea for sale by a friend of the person I bought mine from … but it was sold some time ago. Will keep you posted should I come across any.

  15. Thanks! Hoping to hear from you soon! 🙂

  16. BTW, how much did you pay for them?

  17. @Sarah : Hmm … I can’t remember how much I paid for them. 😀 Well … it should be around the usual price of the Diana F+ cameras you find in Lomography.

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