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One year ago … those awesome people from ThirtySix gave me a super duper surprise when they gave me the Wrangler special edition Diana F+ for Christmas. That camera was meant to be a prize for some competition and they managed to hunt one down for me (which they still refuse to tell me how they did it).

This year … last night … I met up with Jimmy for some beer at a barbeque session and after some beer … he turned into the skinniest Santa ever and gave me a present again! Yeah!!! It is the Novella version of the Diana F+ camera that is exclusively sold only at Urban Outfitters!

Thank you, ThirtySix! Did I hit the annual minimum purchase amount again? Wait! Don’t answer that. I don’t wanna know. Anyway … thanks a bunch!

The Novella is one of those black & white designs and thus I ended up posting these photos without color. That’s also an excuse because I (as usual) don’t bother getting the white balance right when taking photos. 😛

So for you guys who wanna get X’mas presents from ThirtySix next year … do drop by the shop and ask them what is the minimum purchase amount. Okay? 😀 Don’t quote me on that though.

I’ve not been having much mood to shoot lately but I’m sure the ‘kick’ will be back soon (I hope). About a week to go before Christmas and soon the new year will come knocking too. How many Diana F+ clones do you think Lomography is gonna introduce next year? Ermm … wait a minute … don’t answer that too! I don’t wanna know.


  1. uncountable!!!!!…… $$$$$$$… to answer all your question. LOL

  2. @noreen : Did Jim send you to reply this?!!!! X(

  3. we can’t buy these in the UK, which is a shame. The Novella would be a huge seller here.

  4. @Kate : I thought they do have stores in the UK too? Otherwise … they can do international delivery. 🙂

  5. I just got that camera for my bday 🙂 I live in the UK and my boyfriend bought it here…so no problem finding it!

  6. @Cristina : Whoa! That’s a very cool birthday present! Congrats!

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