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“I lost my mojo!”

That’s what happened for the last couple of months when I somehow felt like I was losing the ‘mood’ to shoot with my Lomo cams. Well … it wasn’t that I was going back to shooting only digital but there was just something that was fading away. Then came year end and I told myself that I’ll need to find the mojo back … or I’ll burn all my Lomo cameras. Hahaha! I was joking about the burning part though. 😛

So came 1st January and I finished a roll of doubles (with myself) …

** click on the photos below for a larger versions

I always forget marking the begining of a roll of film whenever I’m doing doubles. I kept forgetting to do that in the past and I’m still doing it in 2012. 😀 This is the first roll of film for 2012 which I finished on the 1st of January. A roll of Provia 400X cross processed and as you can see … forgetting to mark the begining of the roll caused most of the frames to not overlap. Oh … what I did remember this time was to underexpose when shooting both the exposures.

These were shot using the Lomo LC-W and some of the frames for the first exposure were shot some months back. I remember firing a couple of shots at the airport in Hong Kong as we were leaving *wipes off tears* for home after a week vacation.

Scanning results like these are the most painful thing to do. Don’t know why I’m still forgetting to mark the begining of the film despite having to suffer later (during scanning). I had to make the right (hopefully) decision on where I want to cut the long strip of film before scanning. Making such decision is pretty hard as the overlapping frames make it very hard for this old fuzzy eyeballs to see and decide.

I ended up cropping them randomly, just making sure each long (pano?) frame are of the same width & height … thus you can only see 13 photos here. 😀 Each one is made up of few frames because I just couldn’t make up my mind on how to ‘chop’ the strip into 36 frames.

I’m thinking of doing a doubles collab with someone someday soon but I guess I better not commit until I finish a couple of rolls ready for that. The last time I did a collab … the other person had to wait quite a long while for my rolls. 😛

Despite the crazy task of scanning these overlapping frames … I’m happy with the results.

This one (below) somehow didn’t get exposed during the 2nd exposure. Weird eh? I think there were about 4 or 5 frames that contained only the first exposure. Grrrr!

2011 has been a great year and let’s all hope 2012 bring us more fun & more cameras! 😀


  1. hello! i love your blog! but i would like to ask how do you do the overlapping frames? and why do you need to mark the film when you do it? its so interesting and i would really like to try the effect!

  2. @anonymous : Thank you. The overlapping frames are because of the double exposures. I finished shooting all the frames in the roll … rewind it … and reload it into the camera to shoot the 2nd exposure. Usually we will mark the beginning of the film to make sure the film starts at the same spot for both exposures. This way we will get nicely overlapped individual frames instead of a loooooooong never-ending one like mine.

  3. 🙂 Love to do doubles with you! I have the same problem of forgeting to mark the start of the film. WAHHAHAHA

  4. @ZeeHamzah : Hmm. I’ve not done doubles with anyone for a long time. Let’s do one then!

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