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By • Jan 6th, 2012 • Category: Digital stuffs

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In a blink of an eye … Fitzand turned 5 yesterday. Instead of the usual day off on his birthday, he told me that he wanted to celebrate it in school with his friends there and thus we prepared some goodie bags and ordered cake for him to have some good time with his buddies there.

As we brought him for the Dinosaurs Live! exhibition last weekend, he didn’t bug us to bring him to the zoo this birthday. We used to bring him to the zoo for some big fun on his birthdays. 😀

Being a Transformers fan … he ‘instructed’ me to get him a Transformer’s cake. A friend suggested a 3D cake but I thought that is a bit too messy to be served in class … so Fitzand picked this one (below) with mango fillings in it.

He was eyeing this Disney ice cream cake recently and so we picked one up as well (yeah yum!) and enjoyed it with some friends in the evening.

Ermmm … a rare special appearance in a photo … ermm … me!!!


There’s no stopping him from clowning around … even when posing with his favorite teacher …

I took the day off but haven’t really got time to rest since I woke up. After sending him to school in the morning, I had a short coffee session with a friend before rushing off to collect his cake and at the same time … pick up a surprise birthday present for Fitzand. Finally he has a proper table to play his Dragon Snooker. 😀 This came as a special bonus for him because I actually bought him a Wii console last week already.

The rest of the photos can be found here in his photo gallery.


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  2. @ymmij : Jim … so it does work? I’ve yet to get people to try commenting since I added this last night. The previous one somehow got screwed up after some updates (!!!). Hope this one save me some time from having to clear the darn spam entries often.

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  4. @Am3thyst : Thanks for spamming too. Hahaha! I look red? No … I swear I didn’t touch booze yesterday or the day before. 😀

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  6. @ymmij : Yeah! I spent a lot of time renaming every damn WordPress table in the database, did some housekeeping and it has been over 24 hours without a single spam. 😀

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