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  1. Wah, so fast put down the date. Can’t wait to see your fantastic daily. Can I participate?

  2. Kahong … hahahaha! I was just messing around to see what layout I should use.

    Of course I’d be delighted to have someone else doing it too! Really? Let me know! Cool!

  3. I love the picture. Nicely exposed and beautiful colors. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Darkspore, thank you. Haha. You’ve just won yourself a pint of beer for being the fastest to visit my Lensbaby Diary since I posted the first photo for 1st Jan 2009. 😀

  5. For Fitzand : jie jie wish u HAPPY BiRTHDAY!!!!!!

  6. rainbow….. poison

  7. where is 7th!!!!!!!

  8. OMG! Noreen … don’t give me so much pressure! LOL! It’s still in my CF card. Give me 5 minutes and I’ll upload it. 😛

  9. already 8th!!!! wer wer wer is my vitamin L???

  10. Noreen … you are a new LB addict eh? 😀 Thanks for the daily support. Today’s pic just up. 😀

  11. i like….!!!!! bnw vit L!!!!! very nice!!!!!!!!

  12. so reddddd for today….

  13. eeeeewwwww….. goose-bump…

  14. tmr is it camel? LOL

  15. or tiger??? lol

  16. yummy picture……

  17. so nice!!!! so nice!!!!!! how come got paw????

  18. Noreen … the 15th Jan one? I used a custom aperture disc for it that I made … instead of a round aperture … I used a puncher and made a paw print on the aperture disc. LOL. Fun!!!!

  19. time taken 10:39

  20. not bad….jan is going strong. hehe

  21. Thanks, David.

  22. the last few take in msia huh?

  23. Noreen … yeah. 24th to 29th Jan … I was in Malaysia during the Chinese New Year.

  24. i saw my fingers on the last day!!!!

  25. i made it to the diary…. LOL

  26. Yeah, Noreen … that’s you in the last photo. Remember you made that famous statement right after this photo was taken? Muwahahaha! If only I took a video of you saying that … you’ll be oh-so-damn-famous!

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