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Finally I put the (very little) effort to try shove in a little AF fine tuning adjustment to my K5 paired with 85mm lens. I’ve always had this feeling that it is back/front focusing a little but couldn’t bothered to fine tune it (until today) and after a few minutes of testing and tweaking … eventually a +2 value for the AF fine tuning seems necessary for this solid old lens.

Since I’m sort of ‘grounded’ today … the only ‘target’ I could test the AF fine adjustment on … was my resident model who somehow told me ‘Daddy … let’s play the take-photo-game!’. So why did he suddenly volunteered to model for me (for so many shots)? That’s simply because I was trying to make him take his afternoon nap and he was finding 101 reasons/ideas to keep himself (and me) busy!

Now the AF seems pretty darn spot on and somehow my ‘test’ went a little too far and I ended up with lots and lots of photos (of my little boss). 😀

* click on image for larger version

Despite being heavy … this is one of my favourite lens. I hardly shoot portraits (except those of my boy) but I somehow love how the lens + K5 look when paired. Anyone of you watch the Transformers Prime series? 😀 The 85mm + K5 setup reminds me of the Bulkhead character! 😀 A little fat, a little clumsy but rock solid!

Since I’ve received some e-cards for the Lunar New Year … I decided to DIY one and send it out to some friends & relatives too. Of course there ain’t any Chinese characters in it because I don’t know how to write/type/read them. Hey … it’s the though that counts … right? For those celebrating the Lunar New Year (tomorrow’s the eve!) … wish you guys a wonderful holiday and don’t forget to snap lots of photos! 🙂

Gotta go get some rest and get charged up for tomorrow’s drive to Malaysia. Good nite! 🙂



  1. Great shots, of course it helps to have a fantastic model 🙂

  2. @Jenni : Thanks 🙂

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