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By • Feb 5th, 2012 • Category: Digital stuffs

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A bad headache came knocking after breakfast but all I could do was swallow some pills and tried to get back into my normal mode. After his music class this morning, I still had to bring Fitzand for the ‘Mulan – The Legendary Heroine (an interactive storyhouse performance) later in the day. To make things worse, the lady at the cafe forgot to serve me my double expresso when we were having a break before the performance (an instant cure for most of my problems) and I had to do without it as we were rushing for time.

While waiting for the performance to start … I thought I could ‘steal’ some time to take more test photos with the SLR Magic’s Pinhole lens. Unfortunately … I tried to be clever and explained to Fitzand that pinhole lenses will require long exposures and in seconds … he found out a new way to ‘have fun’ and I had to give up shooting after a few attempts. Lol! Photography lesson #498299 : Do not shoot with a pinhole when a kiddo is around!

He’ll either cover the front of the camera with his hands or put his face real close to it!

After I gave up trying to take photos (and kept the camera in my bag), Fitzand asked for my phone. He said he wanted to take photos of himself and I was laughing when he tried to reach for the ‘shutter button’ on the touch screen with the back of the camera facing him. So I taught him how to switch to the front facing camera and these are what I saw in my phone photo gallery later …

Hahahaha! Oh man! This little boss is now learning how to camwhore! Gosh! I saw him holding the camera below his waist and realised later that he was also trying to photograph Optimus Prime on his shirt!

My photo storage is gonna get filled up in a week or two!

Soon the performance started (but my headache was still keeping me company). Fitzand had lots & lots of fun watching and listening to the very entertaining performance. Instead of some boring (and serious) old skool story telling … the cast did a great job keeping everyone entertained. He was laughing and clapping all the time! Giant pop up books, props and funny lines kept the kiddos happy.

There were activities like drawing, coloring and some craft work after the story ended. One of them was to draw and color something for Mulan (the heroine). The end result will be pasted on a page on the giant storybook. I saw other kiddos drawing flowers, dresses, cakes & stuffs for Mulan … but my little boss decided on … Optimus Prime’s axe! This little Transformers fan is showing Mulan what a real weapon should look like. Hahahaha! I had a great laugh when he finally cut it and pasted it on the book.

Talking about Transformers, during breakfast today … Fitzand was suddenly quiet and when I asked him what he was dreaming about … he told me … ‘Mulan fight the bad guys alone then later she is very tired. I imagine Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Sideswipe and Arcee going to help her fight!’. I was shocked for a moment. Now maybe I can call up Michael Bay and see if he can include Mulan in the next Transformers movie. Now imagine … ‘Transformers : Girl Power’ … coming next summer! 😀

He made a paper dragon! They had other options like cows and soldiers but the choose the dragon. Since the workshop is a parent-child one … I had to help him cut out the dragon and the little tiny pair of scissors they supplied left a ‘dent’ on my finger. Now headache + fingerache!

Some of these photos were taken with my lousy phone camera as I was too busy to whip out my camera.

The final one was … making a spear (paper of course!) and the armour. Easy peasy of course but I was a little stressed out when they told us to either write the kiddos name or a Chinese character (I think it means ‘army’) on it. Why I was stressed? I can only write our surname and not the last two characters! So Fitzand spelled out his name ‘FITZAND’ and I thought that shouldn’t be a problem. Few seconds later I was surprised that he was writing his name … in Chinese!!! I couldn’t confirm if it was correct until we got home. His mommy said that it is missing a dot/stroke. Not too bad. Hahaha! I swear I’ll learn how to write his name in Chinese soon.

My little army … with his armour made out of garbage bag. I told him that it was a garbage bag and he went ‘What? Smelly?’. Lol.

Thank God it ain’t a real spear … otherwise I’ll need to get a new camera …

Headache continued until we got home. The moment we came out from the performance, I told Fitzand that I needed a short rest.

“Sit right here … hold your spear … daddy need a beer”  <– Rhymes!

Felt a bit better after two cold pints! 😛

We were at the Kidsfest show (The tiger who came to tea) yesterday and Fitzand had a great time too. Two other shows for the Kidsfest next weekend and then we’ll be looking forward to the Transformers Cybertron Con in March. Now that’s the one Fitzand is super excited about!

I’ll post the few test photos taken with the SLR Magic’s Pinhole in a day or two.


  1. Love the black rubbish bin armour suit!

    Not very nice with the headache.

    Wait to see some more of the pinhole shots.

    Have a nice week!

  2. Yay for Fitz. Girl power rules. Mulan is the best heroine ever! When we went to Disney she was the only princess my kids and I were excited about seeing.

  3. @Ta : The headache turned into a big time toothache last night. I’m now waiting for the dentist to start work. 🙁

    @Jenni : I don’t recall seeing Mulan in Disney Tokyo & Hong Kong. Time for a trip to your side of the world! 😀

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