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Leftover T64

A leftover roll from a recent short outing with Cyanwater. Shot using my Bronica ETRSi with the 135W back … and a roll of Lomography X Tungsten 64 fim …

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I’m pretty addicted to using this camera with the 35mm back but today … I decided to whip out my 220 film back and loaded a roll of negatives it in. That’s one of the few rolls of 220 film I have … given to me by the guy who sold me the ETRSi. The problem is … I didn’t shoot a single frame after loading it today. Lol.

She’s gonna kill me (again) but you will notice the famous Cyanwater made a special appearance in on of the frames in this roll. Hahahaha! Okay … time to deliver coffee to ThirtySix to calm her down. 😛

Won’t attempt to try write more. 😀 I’m super duper tired but I’ll try dig out few digital photos from my SD card in a moment. Had a super busy and fun weekend with Fitzand … from going for a boat ride to running to the lab to get this roll developed.

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