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Edge 80 Rocks!

By • Mar 25th, 2012 • Category: Digital stuffs

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Cheesy title … I know. 😀 Here’s a quick entry and some random photos I took with the Lensbaby Edge 80 today when taking a rest entertaining Fitzand. He’s been very proud of his new pair of shades I bought him yesterday and wanted me to take some photos of him with it on. He grabbed his guitar and started to rock & roll …

We left the shades in his bag and guess what … this morning when I picked him up after his music class … he proudly waltzed out … with his shades on! Gosh … little Mr Vain! I asked if he had them on during class and luckily he told me he put them on after class … ‘after packing the books in my bag’. Phew!

Composition in these are pretty tight as there was only limited space from one wall to another … and the Edge 80 is a little too long for indoor shoots in a small home like mine.

It is not entirely my fault that my little clown loves rocking it hard. Part of the blame has to go to this gentleman in the disc cover below …

Hahahaha! As I was watching this concert video I just picked up … Fitzand froze when Slash started playing the Godfather Solo track. Hahaha! He must be fascinated! He did mumble something about ‘but his sunglasses is darker’. Gosh … I pray he won’t ask for a hat next.

He didn’t make my job any easier until I take some proper shots of his shades …

It has been a wonderful and super duper busy weekend. I managed to finish shooting half a roll of film that was passed to me by a friend for a doubles collaboration. I think I committed to do doubles with 3 different people and I’ve yet to even finish a roll of film to be sent out. 🙁

Not sure when or how or why … after this short shoot at home … I realised that the yellow rubber ‘skin’ on my K-01 has some dark patches. Argh! I saw that coming but not this soon. I couldn’t get them off with normal soap! I’ll probably leave them there until there are replacement ones (if they ever do) or I’ll try DIY some leather ones someday.

The last photo is one I thought will work well by combining 3 different snapshots of Fitzand trying to put on the headphone …

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