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Finally I am able to finish shooting a roll of Velvia 50 passed to me by a friend who just came back to Singapore. I’ve known Lee Jiing for some years but I’ve never met him! Hahaha! As we were both super busy, he dropped the roll at ThirtySix a couple of weeks ago and I picked it up that same evening. Check out his blog here. I’ve never seen him doing any Lomo or toy camera stuffs (he’s into some big time toys … hehehe!) … so when he asked if I’d like to do a double collab … of course I said ‘Yes!’.

My favourite from this roll. Lucky enough to get my leopard’s eye right in the middle of angry bird’s eye. 😀

Unfortunately some of the frames turned out with either his first exposure or my 2nd exposure only. I’m not posting them here because we might use them for our solo albums later. Hey wait … what solo albums?! Hahaha!

Crazy messy doubles are my favourite and luckily 24 exposures out of 12 turned out fine. I’m happy!

Ermm … a shameless self portrait 😛

This one (above) is my other favourite. I am trying to figure out what Lee Jiing shot … but I’m guessing they are some pebbles or ermm .. potatoes? Hahaha! Now the lady has a cool dress!

I’m still struggling to finish a roll of first exposures which I am supposed to pass to Lee Jiing. Gosh … I think I still owe two other friends (you know who you are) rolls for doubles. Hahaha! I’ll just have to find more time and be much more trigger happy to finish them. Sorry for the delay.


  1. the dress shot is very cool! looks decidedly bridal though! or was it a bridal dress??….

  2. @wenlin : Thanks. It was some bridal dress showcase outside Ion Orchard.

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