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On The Streets With Q

Finally Saturday is here and I can give the Pentax Q a test run. Unfortunately … while I was holding it without a wrist strap (duh!), Fitzand knocked it off my hand and now the cute little Q has some scars. Thank God it still functions well.

I did some low light shots to test how the little sensor performs but I’ll post them later. So far I find the low light performance is pretty good despite the tiny sensor but if you wanna know more accurate info about it … I suggest you check out those reviews out there on the web instead. I suck at such details. What I’ve got today is a bunch of street photos taken not long before it started to drizzle.

Autofocus speed is one thing the Q ain’t good at. Still the speed is pretty acceptable for street shooting and the tiny camera doesn’t attract much attention when you point it right at strangers.

The other thing I find about this little Q … is that it is a little too … ermm … little. I don’t really have big hands (but rather fat ones) and I keep finding trying to get a firm grip on it a little difficult. I could be I’ve phobia about dropping it after the earlier incident but I’m definitely going to get a hand strap for it real soon.

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