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After some test run with the X-Pro1 … finally time to whip out my Lensbaby for some big fun! Paired the Composer Pro + Edge 80 optic with my K-01 … I sort of went trigger happy (as usual) and here are 40 of the photos …

I really don’t know how to explain this … but each and every time I touch the Lensbaby … I simply go crazy! It is always big fun using the Lensbaby (any version of it) and I’ve never got bored using them. A friend once asked me why on earth would I bother using such a ‘troublesome’ lens when I can easily get something that auto-focuses. Hmm … I couldn’t really find the right words to answer that question but I told him that he needs to have a feel of how Lensbaby lenses work and find out for himself. I passed him my Lensbaby 2.0 for a week and soon … he came nodding his head … telling me now he knows the fun of using one. This is a true story! Well … some will ask why not add the ‘effect’ in Photoshop. Right? That’s just the same when someone asks why not use Photoshop to create the cross processing/Lomo effects instead of using film.

Ermm … camwhoring.

Wifey just reminded me that we are leaving Taipei on Monday … and not on Sunday! Yay! This means I still have Saturday and Sunday to torture my camera shutters, get even fatter and have more fun with Fitzand!

I’ll swap the Edge 80 with the Sweet 35 tomorrow and see if I can whip up another set of photos. My poor film cam (Diana & LCA+) are screaming in loneliness in my bag! Weather ain’t good and I guess I’ll have to load the LCA+ with a roll of fast film tomorrow if I wanna bring home some analogue photos. 🙁

Gotta go get Fitzand to sleep now. Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow. 🙂

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