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Friends found it hard to believe when I told them that I shot only about a roll of 120 on my Diana F+ and maybe 15 frames on my LC-A+ during my recent vacation to Taiwan. It is not that I wasn’t trigger happy but … the *cough cough* truth is … I was spending too much time playing with the X-Pro1. Okay … let’s not talk about the X-Pro1 for now.

There were some frames left in a roll that I loaded into my Diana F+ and it was so long ago (that I loaded it) … I couldn’t remember what film it was! So the usual I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude made me bring it along to Taiwan and I managed to finish the rest of the frames (without knowing the film speed). When I finally opened up the camera back … out came a roll of Rollei Retro 400. For a moment I got a bit worried because I was shooting in bright daylight.

After screwing up the last time I tried self-developing 120 black & white film … I took a risk and got this roll developed just now. Thank God it turned out fine!

Fortunately 9 out of the 12 frames survived but there are a couple of shots that I ended up asking myself ‘Why on earth did I even bother to shoot this?’. Can you guess which ones? 😀 Hint : I like messy doubles

One of my favorite from this roll (above).

I sure miss shooting with the Diana F+ and just now when I was waiting for the scanning to complete … I kept asking myself why do I not use the Diana F+ often. The one and only answer I could accept (from myself!) is perhaps … I am lazy and usually like to use the LC-A+ because of the size and the existence of a meter on it. 😀 Not a good reason … I know. Diana … I’m sorry but I’ll take you out on dates more often from now on.

I love this messy one above!

This one above is one of the ‘Why on earth did I shoot this?’ shot. 😀

I do have few more shots (from Taiwan) in a roll of slides that I loaded after I finished this black & white one. Now the problem is … when can I finish the remaining frames in it. 🙁

This last one (above) is one that wasn’t shot in Taiwan. I just can’t recall where I shot it. 😀

After this ‘comeback roll’, I think I’m gonna put the Diana F+ to much more good use from now on. Diana … daddy’s back!


  1. hahahhaahha!!!!! that is bad looking at only 12 frames and u can’t finish them… lalalalalalla

  2. @norya: exactly! Suddenly 12 frames seemed so difficult. Lol

  3. You have just reminded me that I have a few loaded cameras left lying dry in the dry cabinet…

  4. @Jer : Looks like you have the same problem! 😀 Did you leave a note about what film is loaded (assuming the cam doesn’t have the little window too look at the canister)?

  5. Haha…never! Oops…it is always a problem in finding the loaded cameras.

  6. @Jer : I understand. I can’t count the number if times I open up a camera back to find that there is a halfway exposed roll in it and scream ‘#@*@*&@**!!!!’

  7. Haha…normally I will do that in my storeroom…pitch darkness…

  8. @Jer : You are a very cautious man! Lol

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