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A week since the X1 got discharged from the ‘hospital’, today is the first time I got to really give it a test run. Like any other weekend of mine (these days) … getting to spend time with my camera alone is usually not possible … and so I took some test shots with the Leica X1 when out with my family today. Apart from these digital shots … I also (finally) managed to finish a roll of film in my La Sardina. Time to make a dash to the lab tomorrow!

I’ll save the colored versions for later (down in this entry) but one thing for sure … I love the high contrast black & white film simulation mode in the X1 lots! What initially was just a test (switching to that mode) ended up with most of the test shots being in black & white. 😀

Street shooting is possible but perhaps a bit of patience is necessary as the autofocus is a little on the slow side. Still it is way faster than my fuzzy eyeballs trying to manual focus with my manual SLRs. 😀

As what you have probably read in reviews … the lens seems to be pretty awesome. Most of the photos turned out razor sharp (of course not these that are resized for web).

The blue sky with beautiful clouds was lovely but I’m not sure why I was still playing with the black & white mode. These photos are straight out of the camera (just resized).

Shooting closeup subjects is a bit more challenging (compared to the X100 I traded this cam with) as I couldn’t go as near with the X1.

As promised … below are few test shots in color …

The colors are pretty wicked huh?

Oh … and a snapshot I took yesterday evening when we were out for a wedding dinner.

Yummy apple crumble … nevermind the Red Ranger in the photo. 😛

That’s all for now. The X1 now has a quite permanent place in my camera bag!


  1. Nice! Looks sharp and clean with delicious bokeh! Any take on the ISO handling?

  2. @kaxdd : The high ISO results seems good too. At 1600 it is pretty good … comparable to the X100. Well that is to my fuzzy eyeballs though. Hahaha. I’ve tried 3200 (which I hardly ever use) and that is also pretty acceptable. The one of my wifey and boy was shot using ermm …1600 or 3200. I forgot. Hahaha! Gonna post a couple of crops of the images if you wanna check it out.

  3. Very neat.
    I have not used theh vivid mode yet…must try.
    I am taking it to Thailand with me this time.
    Can’t wait.

  4. @Ta : I’ve not tried the vivid mode too. Did you try the black & white mode? Pretty neat! I prefer the high contrast one. I bet you will have lots of fun with the X1 when you are in Thailand. Have big fun and don’t forget to share the photos! 🙂

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