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Baby Fisheye Meets UFO Cam

Dropped by ThirtySix this afternoon to pick up a Lomography Baby Fisheye since they are having this ‘Find me baby!’ promotion going on. I went for the plastic version since there ain’t a hotshoe on the metal version to directly mount a flash. No … I don’t quite like using a sync cable and hold a flash in my other hand. Hahaha! Lazy eh?

Anyway … I managed to (easily!) spot the 3 Baby Fisheye cameras ‘hidden’ around the store and in a simple lucky draw … I won a pack (of 3 rolls!) of Lomography ISO400 film! Yeah!!!

Also I picked up this cute cool ‘camera’ that Noreen bought for Fitzand. It is this ermm … ‘UFO camera’ (???) that ermm … shoots foam discs when you press the shutter button. Coolness! I knew Fitzand will love it as it ‘spits’ out discs like the Lightzord that he loves in the Power Rangers Super Samurai series. Hehehe! At least I won’t get hurt when he shoots these form discs at me!

Drop by ThirtySix and grab any Lomography product and join the fun hunting for the 3 Baby Fisheyes. Trust me … if you can’t find them … your eyes are worse than my fuzzy eyeballs! 😛 Good luck and hope you win some awesome prizes there. Not sure what else apart from the roll of film I won … perhaps they have some Leica cameras as prizes too? 😛 Don’t quote me on that!

I decided to surprise Fitzand by telling him there are two cameras as presents for him and he got all excited … and I also decided to make a simple ‘unboxing’ video. No … please don’t expect the usual unboxing camera kind of video … ermm … but if you are willing to waste 1 minute of your time to check it out … go ahead … 😛

I spent about 1.5 hours just now playing the UFO Cam with Fitzand. He said that I was to be the zombie while he happily fired the foam discs at me … again and again! *faint*

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