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Minutes to midnight on a Sunday night. Hours from another hell-ish day at work! I’ll try not to think that far ahead and update my blog with a short entry. I’ve only some digital snapshots to post as I only managed to fire 20 exposures in a roll of negatives loaded in my Nikon F3. That means 16 more to go … perhaps next weekend.

Was out doing some shopping and after an awesome dinner at a Korean restaurant, we picked up a present for a Fitzand’s classmate who will be celebrating her birthday soon and a couple of cartoon DVDs for Fitzand. It is pretty cool now that he has grown up and knows how to hunt for the cartoon he wants instead of getting me to crack my head deciding for him. He ran to me with a ‘Flushed Away’ DVD and told me that’s the one he wanted!

Some durian seller came knocking at the door this afternoon while I was watching cartoon with Fitzand. Since Fitzand loves durians (and so does his mommy) … his mommy bought a whole bunch of them! Gosh! There is a big box stored in the fridge now in the process of making Fitzand’s favourite durian ice cream.

I don’t really fancy durians but I had fun chopping and ripping them apart … imagining they are the heads of some people I am sick of. Ermm … wait … that sounds a little too sick! 😛

After yesterday morning’s inline skating lesson, Fitzand told me that he was a little too tired to skate today and he wanted to go learn how to use the Zoingo Boingo we bought him recently. That’s some freestyle pogo ball thingie that probably take him some practice to be able to use it.

Clowning around in the park around sunset.

Since the Zoingo Boingo works in both concrete pavements and grass … it was definitely safer to let him practice in the field. Ain’t easy I guess but I can’t be too sure because the girl in the shop selling it told me that the max weight was ermm … wait … I forgot. Anyway the max weight (of person using it) was way below what I weigh. Hahaha! The ball might just explode!

He is always laughing when he’s on it … and that always throws him off balance.

Of course sometimes there are some rolling and tumbling involved …

I showed him some photos (by others) with the subjects (people) pretending to ‘eat’ the orangy round sun. He wanted to try shooting me do that and made me (a fool to) pose for him with my mouth (gulp!) wide open and hand pretending to hold the sun. What he doesn’t know is that he needs to move to get proper composition (ie. the sun to appear ‘near’ my mouth) and after trying to direct me to do what he wants for a while … well … watch this few seconds video and you will know what happened …

Yeah! Hahahaha! Photography with an attitude (worse than mine)! Wahahahaha! Maybe I’m just a big stupid model. Anyway here’s one of the photos he snapped. Sure looks very Lomo-ish!


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