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Left with not much time and inspiration to shoot, I recently pulled out my old Nikon F3 and loaded a roll of Lomo negatives to give the camera a ‘warm up’. It has been sitting in there (cabinet) for a while now and I sure don’t want it do die a natural death in there. Thank God it still works great!

I only have 2 lenses for the F3 and these were all shot using the Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.4 lens. The other one is an el cheapo macro lens that I realise need to be given a ‘warm up’ session real soon.

Despite my old fuzzy eyeballs, I still very much prefer manual focusing!

Very soon I’ll have to send my other SLR to the doctor. My Pentax LX is behaving a little strange in slower speeds and I read that many of them (the LX) has some sticky mirror problem thingie. I love the LX as much as the F3 and so some ‘doctor’s fee’ is unavoidable. 🙁

Since it is a long weekend (National Day on Thursday and I’ll be on leave on Friday as the kindergarten is closed), I’m gonna go burn a couple of rolls of 120. I’m planning to ‘warm up’ my old Mamiya 645 Pro TL. Or should I just use the Diana/Holga?


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