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Missing my Lensbaby stuffs … so I took the Scout and Sweet 35 out for a spin after dinner today. Didn’t have much time to shoot … so here are just a few to cure my itchy fingers.

I initially wanted to use a film SLR (to pair with a Lensbaby) but knowing that I’ll definitely take a month or more to finish that roll … I decided to use my Pentax K-01 instead. Trying to get used to manual focusing with the Lensbaby using the LCD (the K-01 doesn’t have a viewfinder) because I’m gonna get back to shooting more with Lensbaby without the need to lug a (heavy) DSLR around. 😀

Using the Scout means no chance for me to bend the Lensbaby like I usually like to do and I sure miss the bending after some shots. I’ve been a Lensbaby fan for a long time and I sometimes think … what is Lensbaby if I can’t bend it? Hahaha! Well … I’m keeping the Scout for the Fisheye optic next time.

Of course … the usual ‘one photo of Fitzand when I’m out with him’ shot.

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