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I was eyeing this white special edition strap from Wotancraft + Annie Barton 1972 that a seller was giving away with the purchase of his Wotancraft bag. I have a Wotancraft bag and didn’t want to buy another (I’m broke!), so I decided to just forget about the strap some time ago. Great news is that recently a friend wanted to get that bag from the seller … but the bag was already sold … but the strap was still available! So I promptly (!) contacted the seller and bought the strap from him at a pretty good price. 😀 He used it once and the strap has been sitting at home lonely for some time now.

Yeah the strap ain’t one of those shiny and nice smelling new leather one but I’m a sucker for such old looking stuffs.

The strap sure looks like it has been through war but in actual fact … it looked pretty much this way when it was ‘brand new’. Here’s a photo leeched from their Facebook page …

According to their Facebook page, this straps (available only in Hong Kong and Taiwan) were given as token of appreciation to people who donated to the ‘Hong Kong Red Cross – Japan Earthquake 2011’ fund. Not sure how many were made though.

As the white … ermm … paint (?) on it seems to be falling off slowly but surely and I wanna keep this strap looking the way it is for a (bit) longer … I stole a little bottle of top coat (I think the stuff they use for nails) from wifey’s drawer and gave the top of the strap a coat of clear protection. Hahaha! Not sure if it will work but I sure hope it does! Now the top of the strap feels a little rough (after the top coat dried). 😀

Midnight already? Time to go pack up a camera or two. Joining an outing to some farms etc organized by ThirtySix tomorrow. They chartered a bus to bring everyone around but since I’ve gotta send Fitzand for his music class tomorrow morning … I have no choice to meet them later in the afternoon. Let’s just hope I can finish shooting a roll tomorrow!


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