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The last time I joined the Sunny Rehab organized by ThirtySix was in 2010. Did I miss the one in 2011 or did they not organize one? Anyway … after Fitzand’s music lesson in the morning last Sunday … I brought him & his mommy to Bollywood Veggies to meet the many photography (film/Lomo/whatever!) fans there. They chartered a bus to bring them to few places planned for the day and since we were late … we had to skip the goat farm and started our fun at the vegetable farm.

Jimmy (from ThirtySix) with his awesome modded Polaroid cam!

The sun wasn’t out in full strength that day when I reached the farm but luckily it didn’t rain. I was a little too busy looking after Fitzand (who was zapping all over the farm) and ended up not firing a single shot on my La Sardina & LC-A+ which I had with me. What I did was randomly fire some digital shots … at least to cure my itch and also to document a bit of what was going on.

Everyone were busy! 😀

Queen Cindy Cyanwater (ThirtySix) and her usual ‘Everyone gather!!! Spinner time!!!’ duty. 😛

Guess everyone had fun (and some aching legs) that day. There were even some model shoot sessions …


Great to see that I ain’t the only daddy there! Hehehe!

The rest of the snapshots from the fun day …

Destination #2 (but it was #3 for the rest of them) was the Sg Buloh Nature Reserve. I’ve not been there for ages! The last time I was there … was maybe almost 10 years ago when I was into *rolleyes* shotting macro and (trying to) shooting birds. My only impression of that place was … mozzies!!! It was a great place to donate blood to the mozzies! We came prepared with insect repellent stick-ons but ermm … still we got some bites in the end.

Fitzand was curious and excited. He told me that he wanted to go on an adventure and wanted to walk all the way in. Gosh … that place is big and walking all the 3 routes … is gonna be tough! Why tough? My old bones can still handle it but I was worried that at the end of the walk … Fitzand gets too tired and I’ve to carry him all the way out … that might kill me!

We managed to complete route #1 and decided to try the other 2 some other day. Phew! Honestly there wasn’t much to see or shoot unless you have a super duper long lens to capture birds etc. Shooting IR (infrared) will be pretty interesting too!

Some snapshots of Fitzand having fun that day.




  1. Looks like fun!

  2. @Ta : Definitely! 😀