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It is Sentosa’s 40th birthday today and we were invited for a sneak preview of some ice slides (as well as many fun activities). Of course I accepted the invite … knowing that Fitzand will definitely have a blast … and I’ll have my hands (plus eyes and ears) free to snap some photos while Fitzand plays. 😀

Dragged him outta bed around 7:30am and headed for the beach early as I anticipated that Fitzand will want to spend lots of time on the beach before the actual sneak preview. We had to catch a play (Cat in the hat) at 2pm … therefore we had to leave the island around noon. 🙁 It would be great if we could stay on for the fireworks and other celebration activities!

I’m one year older than Sentosa! 🙁

Mr Happy has been looking forward to this day since the day I told him about the ice slides!

The first ever ice slide by the beach.

The crew making some last minute ‘fine tuning’ to the ice slide … under the watchful eyes of the supervisor in Captain America outfit. LOL.

Wheeeeee!!!!!! I think he went back to queue for another 5 or 6 times on the slide.

Some of the many other activities.

There’s also an ice train!

Ice slides … ice trains … why ain’t there ice cold beer? 😛

Checking out the clay art workshop.

Fun ain’t complete without yummies. Fitzand’s first ‘encounter’ with an ‘ice ball’. Seems yummy on a hot day! I got only a spoonful of it as I was busy taking photos.

Right after a quick lunch … we rushed to catch the ‘Cat in the hat’ play. Fitzand loves it lots! He was telling me about reading the book (of the same title) in class and how much he loves the cat. Hahaha! He loves cat like I do! Once the play ended … it was time to grab some early dinner … and get myself some refreshments. 😀

Fitzand and his new friend.

Somehow those beer & pool game days have evolved into something a little different. Now I drink beer while playing pool with Fitzand … with our hands.


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