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Keeping my promise to give Fitzand’s bedroom a makeover … I had a little discussion with him and we decided on a Power Rangers themed room since he’s a big fan of those strange heroes in colorful tight clothings who can create explosions behind them just by posing.

What I didn’t realise … having to remove the hundreds of stickers on all 3 walls … was a nightmare! That wasn’t actually the biggest (and painful) part. There were a lot of double sided tapes that seemed to be of industrial strength left behind after I removed some of those posters and stuffs. It took us more than 3 hours just to remove all the tapes!

Little boss told me he won’t wanna stick stickers on the wall anymore (after helping me with the removal). LOL.

Fitzand had big fun (but was super tired) helping with the sticker removal task.

The angry painters fooling around.

Finally it was time to start painting. Fitzand did most of the first coat of painting. 😀

Of course I didn’t let him mess with the edges … otherwise I’ll have tons of cleaning and touch up work to do.

He was super serious in getting work done.

Once the tangerine colored wall was done … we moved on to the more exciting one … the Power Rangers wall! We wanted to have all the 5 colors from the Power Rangers on it and so I divided the wall into 5 sections. My fuzzy eyeballs played tricks on me (again) and when all was done … I realised I added an inch to the lower part of the pink section. Luckily there were supposed to be some dividing stripes in between the colors!


Fitzand stared at me for a little while when I took out the short ladder. He asked if he could use it. After explaining to him the ‘safety rules’ … he was delighted I let him go up the ladder to reach the top of the wall.

Bet this is one unforgettable experience for the little one. He was super tired that evening and he fell asleep without having to ask me ‘Daddy … why must sleep so early?’.

Since I was going to paint the upper part with some darker color … I let Fitzand ‘touch up’ the edges.

Finally …. phase 1 of the project is completed!

Added dark grey to the top and sides to give it a bit of ermm … 3D look. Those stripes between the colors are actually silver tapes. It will be too much of a torture for this old man to carefully stick masking tapes and paint the stripes.

My arms and legs were aching big time by midnight. Fitzand went to bed and I gulped more coffee and cleaned up the mess. There were paint all over the floor!

Sunday morning … it was time to take it easy and have some more relaxing fun. We decided to check out Nook … a D.I.Y pancake place located at Lorong Kilat. I read about it recently and thought it will be a great place to relax and let Fitzand have some fun.

As expected … Fitzand had big fun there. We went for the original and banana (yellow) pancakes but somehow the yellow didn’t seem too yellow to me. Wait … maybe I’ve been messing too much with paint the day before!

First attempt by little boss … teddy bear pancake!

Next … he told me … a ‘ghost pancake’. Hahahaha! Pacman!

My first attempt … ermm … Fitzand!

Since I made a ‘Fitzand pancake’ … the little one decided to make a ‘daddy pancake’. Ermm … do I look like that???!!!

He made a beer mug pancake for me!

Since we are making a Power Ranger room … I made him a Power Ranger pancake!

Slices of peaches and banana to go with the pancakes!

My other attempt at making a ‘Fitzand pancake’. Looks similar?

No prizes for guessing who tried drawing a Diana camera. 😛

Fitzand drawing his favourite slug characters from the movie Flushed Away.

Adding musical notes because he said that the slugs are always singing in the movie. The fatter slug … was drawn by the fat daddy.

That wraps up a wonderful weekend. I’ll post more photos of the Power Ranger room next weekend if there is any progress. I’m still waiting for a Power Ranger clock, some Power Ranger decals and a Power Ranger bedsheet etc to arrive in the mail.




  1. warh he grow so much!! can paint his own room! and the pancake looks damn fun!!!

  2. @noreen : You will be the superstar artist if you go ‘draw’ pancakes! Next time we make an outing there?

  3. How much is the pancakes at nooks?

  4. @AMANDA : It costs about $26 to $28 per set. You get to choose between a set of two flavors or a single (large) one. Hurry and go over to their Facebook page because they are doing some 1-for-1 deal at the moment.