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Left without a compact digital camera (no … the Leica X1 doesn’t fit into my pockets!) for some time, I got a little ‘poisoned’ when a good friend was trying to CONvince me to buy his Sony DSC-RX100 as he is moving to *evil grin* the Fujifilm X-Pro1. After reading some many good reviews about this compact camera … pretty much convinced that it performs darn well for a compact camera … I met up with him over beer recently.

My first impression of the RX100 … light and so darn hard to hold! The matt black body is pretty sexy but there just ain’t enough grip to keep a good hold on to. Hmm … small and slippery (for my fat sweat hands). I have some idea to solve that ‘problem’ but wasn’t convinced enough to part with my money. I ended up with the camera for a test drive over the weekend to see how well it performs.

I fired (one too many) test shots since this morning and here are the test shots … straight from the camera … no Photoshopping except resizing for web.

ISO800 handheld … pretty darn good for a compact!


Hmmm … pretty darn sharp photos from the RX100. Not sure if it is due to the beer I consumed just now … even after resizing (for web) … the photos still look too sharp (without sharpening in Photoshop). It is so sharp that it looks a little strange to me. Hmmm … or is it the beer causing my eyes to go nuts?!!


My little boss … as usual … got to be my model.

I ended up taking about 100 photos today … just testing out the RX100. LOL. Apart from the ‘I think the results are too damn sharp’ and the ‘damn it might slip off my hands anytime’ issues … I think the RX100 is one very good camera in a very small package.

I like this shot (above).

Any bad thing about the cam? It ain’t good for shooting birds. LOL!

Some ISO1600 shots handheld …

Wish I could shoot this at f1.8 but at max tele … the brightest you can go is f4.9. I think the anti shake thingie works pretty well.

Beer & soccer!

All these test shots were done using the standard color setting. Vivid might be good for some of them but I am always too lazy to mess with these stuffs. I’ll see if I can find time to test out some of those fun ‘art filter’ effects in the camera tomorrow.

Long exposure at ISO100 with the camera resting on a garbage bin.

 Some more ISO1600 shots …

We wrapped up the day with an awesome dinner. Well … awesome for Fitzand and his mommy … because they had awesome seafood for dinner. I’m still okay … because I had a jug of beer all for myself. 😛

Cheese lobster! Sounds good but I’m allergic to seafood.

Little boss enjoying life!

Crab! Ermm … I can’t eat these too.

Check out the rest of the test shots below in the gallery. So do I like this camera? Of course I do! Will I buy this camera? Ermm … chances are … pretty high … I will. Let me go figure out if I can lower the sharpness in the settings, figure out a way to make the camera have a little better grip … and sell a kidney or two.

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