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As part of the Moonfest 2012, the ‘Discovering Chinese Opera’ workshop was meant to introduce the art of Chinese opera to the young ones. It was a parent-child workshop and so after yesterday’s ‘The legend of Nezha’ performance … today I took Fitzand to the Esplanade again for the Chinese opera workshop.

It was pretty interesting except for the first half an hour (or more) when the speaker was busy telling us that he is a local TV actor blah blah blah and some pretty weak slides (eg. which ministers/actors are of which dialect etc). I almost fell asleep during that section. Hahaha! Soon the interesting part came and Fitzand had some fun watching them giving short performance demos.

Of course I took the opportunity to give the Sony RX100 another test drive in low light situation. Most of these were shot at ISO1600. I’ve made up my mind to buy it from my friend and make it the cam to shove in my pocket when I’m too lazy to bring out my other (bigger) cameras!


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